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An Irish Goodbye (ooc)

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So The Spectacle gets onto the scene and Rushes the van!: 1d20+14 33

That's an opposed Str Check

Opposed STR Check: 1d20+20 38  Funnily enough this means she would've won if not for the Size Bonus given to the van

I was going to get handwavey and instead of having it knock her back have her be knock'dback...until I realized the different was smaller than her Knockback resist.  So The Spectacle is knocked back five feet and prone at the start!  Only one thing to do now.  Roll Initiative!

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Each van has four minions inside.  For speed.  Each group will share Initiative!

Thug's Initiative: 4#1d20+1 5 14 13 3
Spectacle's Initiative: 1d20+2 12


14 Thugs Group 2 (Thugs 5-8) - Unharmed x4 - Minions

13 Thugs Group 3 (Thugs 9-12) - Unharmed x4 - Minions

12 The Spectacle - Unharmed - Sidekick

11 Gauss - Unharmed - 3 HP

5 Thugs Group 1 (Thugs 1-4) - Unharmed x4 - Minions

3 Thugs Group 4 (Thugs 13-16) - Unharmed x4 - Minions


So let's start.  The Thugs in Group 2 will Slam (DC17): 1d20+3 23 into the Spectacle and since they cant crit Her impervious leaves them facing the recoil from the Slam: 1d20+12 19

So Thugs 9-12 will also exit their van.  9 and 10 will stay behind the doors and use them as cover.  Taking a standard action 9 will Shoot at the Spectacle: 1d20+3 12 Missing
Thug 10 will take a standard action to Shoot at Gauss (DC20): 1d20+3 6

Thug 11
Move Action:  Move away from the Van
Standard Action: Shoot at Gauss (DC20): 1d20+3 12

Thug 12:
Move Action: Move away from the Van
Standard Action: Shoot at the Spectacle (DC20): 1d20+3 16

The Spectacle
Free Action: Interpose for Gauss
Move Action: Leap on to the dash of the vehicle slamming into her.
Standard Action: She's going to take 10 and All-Out (-2 Def/+2 Ak) Power (-5 Atk/-5 Def) Attack vs the driver of Group 2 (DC28).  The thugs have Def of +5 all of which will be reduced by 2 thanks to the slam.  But, increased by +4 due to being behind cover.  Which Spectacle hits.  And the DC is too high for the thug to make!

IC posts to follow.

Gauss is up in the initiative

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