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Calling Collect (OOC)


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Terribly sorry about the delay; got kidnapped by Mount & Blade.

Finally got a post together, after the third attempt today. I'm hardly amused by the trouble my comp has thrown at me while I was writing that (got wiped twice, ended up writing it in wordpad on another comp and then uploading it).

Sorry for the large large blocks of text, got kinda tired of trying to elaborate on the whole thing so I decided to just plough through it and avoid getting bogged down again.

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Right, back and posting.

Using Extra Effort I'm power stunting Healing 14 of my Sorcerous Mastery in order to get Belphegor back on his feet before too long. I'm also having him take a bit of damage [bruisedx2, Injuredx1] purely for cosmetic effect. I'm not planning on using this trick particularly often.

As for why he doesn't grab a few samples from the helpless fiend; he feels obliged to be a good host. Besides, building a little trust doesn't hurt; especially since he can just ask for the samples instead to help with researching a way to ease the geis.

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You sure you wanna do an Injury? That'll take at least an hour to heal from.

I'd intended for the geas-damage to be nonlethal only -- they don't want to kill Belphegor, just painfully remind him.

Also, have you seen the timeline I'm working on? Would sometime after mid-November '08 work for this? I've got Jos opening his shop on Nov 10th (here), and some of my posts in the IC thread indicate that this meeting is occurring after Jos gets his shoppe up & running.

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Working in reverse:

I'm fine with the timeline and where this fits into it, so no worries there.

As for the injury bit, I'm willing to go with it. IC it's due to messing around with necromancy for an impromptu healing spell might not be the best. OOC it helps bring Exile just a little closer to Bel.

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