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Torpedo Lass vs. Queen Anne's Revenge

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Torpedo Lass

"Oh hello mate. What do we have here?"

She looks at the chain, scratching her chin. "You have got to be playing."

She looks up the chain into the sky. It stopped at 100 feet.

"I could secure this ship all I wanted, but this would still be here..."

She decided to walk over to the chain and see if there was a way to disconnect it from the ship before climbing it. Of course holding on to the chain...

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The chain was securely fastened. There seemed to be some weird device secured around several links to keep it in place, like a great big, metallic hook, which had rolled around to connect to itself. The chain itself seemed rather formidable. Not something that could easily be broken, even with Torpedo Lass' power. She could try, of course, but that could always attract unwanted attention.


If she looked closely at the point where the chain disappeared, she could see a slight shimmer, like the heat over a road. Something there, but not quite there either. Obviously, the chain had to be connected to something, after all.


Below, she could hear voices and activity. Obviously, someone was down there, and they were reacting to the news of Torpedo Lass' exploits.

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