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"Finding love can be hard for anyone, but when you have to keep a huge part of your life secret, it's almost impossible. That's why I founded ErosUnlimited, for super heroes, by super heroes. We understand just how important a secret identity can be, because we've been there too. Not everyone can find the love of their life wearing masks but that's okay. We're here to help. You focus on saving the world. We'll focus on you." - ErosUnlimited.com



ErosUnlimited is the brain child of Pamela Underbotten-Schneider. In her youth, she manifested minor psychic abilities, empathy primarily and a talent for illusions. For a while, she did the super hero thing in the late nineties as a little known hero, the Mesmerist, but hung up her cape when she met a fellow c-list super hero, Mathemagician, and fell in love. Carl Schneider went into accounting, where he excelled, while Pamela got her degree and eventually became a couple's therapist. Even though both Carl and Pamela were retired from that life, they still had friends and contacts among the metahuman community and Pamela found herself with an ever growing client list of super heroes dealing with bumps in their marriage. Meeting in masks on a rooftop was all well and good in theory but super hero life puts a lot of stress on relationships especially when it was based on rocky foundations.


Pam and Carl might not be superheroes any more but that didn't mean they'd lost the drive to help people! It took two years and a loan, but they managed to employee a few of their retired friends into the team of ErosUnlimited. Their tech savant ensures that their databases are entirely secure, Carl runs the books and deals with the business end while Pam is the face of ErosUnlimited as the MatchMaker. They vet their employees utterly and completely to ensure that their service is as secure as its promised and as affordable as possible. Not every super hero is a tech wizard, but everyone deserves to find love.  


Proposal: In the Character news section, we put a pinned post for the dating profile submitted to ErosUnlimited. Like the 20Q, and HellQ, it can net you a PP per character submitted to it though it should be for characters actually interested in trying out a dating website. It needs to include what the hero wants submitted to be 'searchable' by others looking for matches. I'll run Pam's character and will totally run in person meetings with Pam to anyone that it appeals to along with ErosUnlimited social events that anyone can attend. This should be for characters 18 and over, I figure as you don't have minors on the same dating site as grown ups!


Profile Template: 


Searchable Profile

[Descriptions of Photos (2-3)]


Name: Using just your first name is encouraged but an alias is also acceptable though it should have an * next it as it will be marked as an alias. Some people are into an extra level of paranoia in their partner (Pam is quick to point that out to the more nervous Eros members.)

Gender: Male, Female, Non-Binary and you are welcome to opt out entirely of this question if you prefer.

Preferred Era of Pop Culture: Age is pretty useless in the super hero community. We all know someone immortal that's lived forever, but some of us love the eighties and some of us love the eighteen eighties. Don't worry, someone is out there for YOU.


About you: Tell us a little about you. Do you save the world, or fight street crime? Are you a caffeine addict or do you like spending all your spare time at the beach? Give us a little self summary, here. Things that you want people to know about the REAL you. 


Looking For: Looking for men or women or maybe you're the last of your kind and or you're wondering if there's another Atlantean out there looking for a true connection?

Partner Goals: Are you searching for a soulmate? Looking for a future co-parent and life partner or are you just wanting to have some fun right now? Again, honesty is the key to forming a serious connection. 


Fun Prompts!

  • My Favorite Thing About The Place I Live Is....
  • Most People Who Know Me Would Say I'm...
  • My Favorite Childhood Memory Is...
  • Five Things I Am Not...


Private Letter to ErosUnlimited

I'd put this in a spoiler tag so that the thread reads like the public website


This is the information that you'd want the MatchMaker to know but wouldn't want stuck to your profile out there for everyone. Maybe you have a nemesis with a bad habit of killing your significant others. Or maybe you have a messy dating history in the super hero community and are looking for a fresh start. Or you're an alien and need some help with how 'that all' works. Who knows! It's the information you'd give so that your suggestions from Pam would be curated to your needs without having everyone able to scroll by the tragic 'I lost my wife' story. More delicate issues go here. 


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