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Anti-Earth One Shot?

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A group of lowlifes come together to for reason of strength in numbers at least. Then they get the big idea to do a heist. Because, you know, gotta get that notoriety out there. Unfortunately, that heist happens to be on someone's territory. Someone powerful. Probably not a Crime Syndicate member, but the consequences will be great. If they don't die they will will be captured and, well, let's just say it's a one shot for a reason.


You are those lowlifes. I'd like the characters to be in the PL8 area, but if you have someone above that level, we can lower it 1:1. PL 10 would be -2 on attack, effects, defense, and toughness, while PL12 would be -4 on those. PL7s would not get a boost. It would also help if the character is pretty much unknown. There is a reason you're grouping together for help. I'd like 4 characters but I can do it with one more or less.


Anyone interested?

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