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Triple Murder in Riverside [OOC]

Dr Archeville

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You can take 10 on all. You could even take 20 on the Notice check, though that would take 1 full minute per room, and take 20 on the Search check, but that would take 2 minutes per 5-ft.-by-5-ft.-x-5-ft. area, or about 15-20 minutes per room. You can take 20 on the Knowledge check only if he had access to a library or something similar, and would take at least an hour.

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22, eh? That's enough to get you something.

Mason knows Sen is some type of Samurai-styled man who is in FC seeking info on his father, who when last seen was carrying the 'mate' to the sword Sen himself carries. Sen's sword, at least, is magical, and he definitely knows how to use it. He also knows a bit about magic, but is by no means any sort of spell-slinger. Oh, and he's remarkably fast, far faster than any "trained human" should be.

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Mason may be able to spot Sen, if he can beat a DC 11 Notice check.

I did. In case it's unclear from my post, I'm trying to set up an ambush just as Sen comes out the door, but given my horrible sneak check he problably knows I'm there. Eitherway I'm covering the door. This should get interesting. 8-)

PS: I forgot to put in the notes of the roll that the sneak was a Prob. Control roll. sry

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Dashel knows of a small-time crook who went by the name Mumbo Jumbo. He used the name because he had what looked like a stage magician's top hat that gave him all sorts of magical powers, mostly 'real' versions of the sort of things stage magicians did (i.e., creating objects, making things disappear, teleporting himself or others, puffs of smoke and flashes of light, hypnotism, and so on). But he's not been active in some time: last Dashel heard he'd been stopped by some teen heroes, about two years ago, and locked away in Blackgate. And besides, this scene definitely does not fit his MO.

Then Dashel realizes the samurai is using the same phrase he himself used in referring to magic, and that Sen is basically saying "magic did this."


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