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  1. The voice on the other end of the line sighs in relief and then takes a breath as if to say a speech. "Your too move on the Thursday at the end of this month. When you have the information, give it to the good doctor at the corner of Chicago and Pittsburg in North Freedom before 7:00 Friday morning. The sooner the better. Should you trip any alarms the only thing you should have to worry about are supers, if everything goes according to plan the police should have their hands full. We are taking great risk trusting you, don't let us down. My responses are limited, but do you have any questions?" The voice sounds very tired at the other end of the line, but anxious to here the response to the message.
  2. Ok I just got the call! Once that is done I will post here and get this show on the road. However the logistics of this might be stagering and I think we should disguss how this is going to go down. I mean If we pull this off there might be serious reprocusions of FC (here's hoping :twisted:) not to mention the gig itself might be a pain. I was thinking that each section of the heist might get it's own thread. For example the vault team has a thread, the lookout has a thread and so forth. Or it could be all one big thread. I don't know what would be easiest for the GMs... So I thought I'd put that out there.
  3. Sorry, between end of term papers and holiday traveling I hadden't been able to post. Here there be searches! I get a 16 and 24 My earlier post had a search check so it'll be in this order: leader, blond, brunete.
  4. The phone ringed only once before it was picked up. "Ghost?" Came the feminine voice at the other end. It sounded fatigued and young, as if the person on the other end had been up for days.
  5. Dashel Mason: Investigating a triple murder Maximus Grey:Organising a heist. Phase one of his ridiculously circuitous plan.
  6. Well besides the Mage in the room ... and the daemon, you’ll pick of the scent of magic coming from Mr. Big. It smells ancient and somehow completely foreign.
  7. whoa... I just assumed with "brunete" and "blond" .... Hold on a sec I need to reset my mental image ... ... ... OK, let me change a few things. [one edit later] that was remakibly easy.
  8. Dashel's been lucky with his search roll lately and I think he has learned something. I would like to spend one pp to add three sp to search and one to knowlage(streetwise).
  9. search for weapons on the girls also I want to take a look for distiguishing characteristics. Scars, birthmarks, little things that Sherlock would notice.
  10. Seeing as the group has put their hands against the wall Dashell holsters his gun and takes out his badge. He takes a quick look behind him to make sure his back up is there, and frowns when it isn’t. Supers … go figure Dashel then places the worse for wear badge on the mantle where the ring leader can see it. “Take a good look at the number. You can be sure to ask about it later.†Dashel quickly pats them down to see if they’re carrying any weapons, keeping a watchful eye on the ring leader. If he finds anything, he pockets it. “Now your names, Starting with you punk†Dashel says tapping the ring leader on the shoulder with his pencil.
  11. does that take effect imediately? If so, there is problably a great deal of magic in the room to be sniffed out. ;)
  12. Could I have 2 ranks in Fearsome Presence added to Grey's feats. I figure he has made his presence around town known so that he commands attention. So while he is not so fearful in physique he makes up for it in presence.
  13. This christmas I get to go back to chicago and play with my old gaming buddies. I plan on running them through a game set in the "near" future. In this world huge conglomerates run the world and every one is connected to eachother through the "ethernet" a literal digital world whose User Interface is simular to a completely imersive Second Life-ish system. (Not Shadow Run, though I have always wanted to play.) For the parts that take place in the real world I'm using D20 Modern, a system I am very cofortable with, but for the digital I was thinking of using MnM, because of it's flexability and it's relation to D20 Modern. So what I need are "Packages." Powers that would get added in a digital world; in cluding Packages for a Hacker, Admin, and normal users. I was thinking a limited flight ability, limited teleport, and a minor datalink power for starters. The Hacker would be able to change the world around him is some way and of course the Admin could acess peoples acount info and simply boot people out. (BAN) I'm still looking for Ideas and If you have some I'd be interested to here them.
  14. Is there going to be any changes to this post now that Warmonger is a little indisposed? Also is thier anything in front of the ringleader I could, say, put a badge on? like a picture frame or a stool or something?
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