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Super-Senses question

Sandman XI

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I believe the rule is that, if a Super-Sense is tied to an existing sense (like sight), it gets the 'enhancements' that sense normally offers (in sight's case, ranged, acute, and accurate), with the caveat that anything which affects that sense -- like visual concealment, dazzle, or obscure -- works equally well on that super-sense.

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So if I tied it to sight, would it always be on?

No, no more than Superman' x-ray and microscopic and etc. visions are always on.

Also, can it be a mental sense or do you have to have some kind of mental powers to do so?

No, you can have any super-sense be defined as a "mental" sense even if you have no other mental powers (though that sense would, itself, be a mental power).

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One last question (maybe). If I do tie it to mental, could the descriptor still be sight? I'm talking about something like: If you blind him he can still see the (alive) bodies around him. Or would that be something else?

Yes and no. If it's a mental sense, it's mental, not sight. But, if you've got the same enhancements on it as sight does -- that is, acute, accurate, and ranged -- then it's effectively as good as sight, and your brain may well interpret it as pseudo-sight (but you won't be reading with it, or detecting colors, because you're not using real sight).

It's like Marvel's Daredvil. He's blind, but his "radar sense" (which I've seen variously done as a mental or tactile version of radar) is nearly as good as sight, all the artists who show stuff from his PoV show it as pseudo-sight (likely due to comics being primarily a visual medium).

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Super-Senses 5 (Sense Life (mental; Detect, Ranged, Accute, Accurate))

OK, the concept is "mentally seeing what's going on inside someone's body". Ranged, Accurate, Accute "psuedo-sight". He can also use it to "see" living beings around him if ever he is blinded. Question on the former, would Medicine be enough to know what he's "seeing" or would he have to have Knowledge (life sciences)?

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Medicine is enough to interpret what he's seeing in most cases (especially when looking at humans). If he were looking at an alien, god, radically different metahuman, then Knowledge (life sciences) would be needed.

And if he's got neither skill, he could probably tell "he's healthy (for his species)" or "He's sick (for his species)". With Acute (and Analytical), he could tell where a particular illness was/what is affected, but without any true training/understanding of medicine or such, he won't understand th details. If he had seen someone with a similar or identical condition before, though, and was told exactly what hat person was suffering from, then he could tell in more detail ("I see some disruption in his vitals there at his stomach... almost exactly like what I saw in my late aunt some months ago. The docs said she had stomach cancer, so that's probably what he has.").

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How much does Analytical cost and can I get a description of said trait, please?

It's from UP.

Analytical (1–2 ranks): Beyond even acute, you can perceive specific details about anything you can detect with an analytical sense, such as chemical composition, exact dimensions or mass, frequency of sounds and energy wavelengths, and so forth. You can only apply this effect to an acute sense. Normal senses are not analytical. Cost is 1 rank for one sense, 2 for an entire sense type.
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