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Green Fairy concept


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Actually, yes. Well, sorta.

In D&D 3E/3.5, one book actually did give stats for alcohol. I incorporated it into an article I wrote for an ezine (for M&M 1E).

Best way I can think to simulate alcohol is Drain (all ability scores at once; Extra: Poison; Flaw: Limited to Dexterity and Wisdom only; final cost 3pp/rank). Rank is determined by how strong you want your effect to be: wines click in at 1-2, beers at 1-3, and spirits 1-5 (and you can of course always go higher: it's magic, after all ;) ). If you wanted to be really nasty, you can also add a Linked Drain Constitution effect (alcohol poisoning; Extra: Poison; Flaw: Only affects characters who've had both their Dex and Wis drained to 0).

Or you can go with Confuse.

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