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Cap Cosmos


This was no time to rush things. 


"Wait" he said firmly. 


"As long as people arent shooting, we arent in a rush. "Tricia, you aren't stupid, and you aren't stupid enough to think I'm stupid either" he said, cuttingly. "You can see there is more to this than meets the eye. 


He floated up to meet her. At the edge of his brain, he felt the chaotic pressure he had been under. Doubt started to ooze throughout his mind, but, with the veil of certainty draped over him after years in front of the camera, he kept still. 


"You didn't answer my question. What have you got in your pockets?"

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Tricia appeared utterly shocked. "What exactly are you implying?" Her tone changed, the panic from before replaced with nothing ice. She seemed to glare daggers at the captain, as she grossed her arms. As it was, she was in a dress. And one that did not have any pockets. But she had her handbag, hanging off one shoulder, and she slowly reached for it, while keeping her eyes on the captain.


"Are you even a hero? Taking the bad guys' side all of a sudden? What exactly do you think you will in my pockets, Mr. Hero? I hosted this entire thing to help people, and now you believe those lowlives?"


The gunman piped up, shouting from behind the good captain. "Just take her bag already!"

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Captain Cosmos


"Hero?" asked a world-weary Buddy. For the media world, he was remarkably uncynical. Which merely meant, by the rest of the worlds metric, he was fairly cynical. 


"I don't even know what that means, Lady. I'm just trying to do the right thing with the cards I got. And that doesn't mean goaded into action when there is more to the whole situation that meets the eye. The more you push me, the more I get suspicious..."


"...And you still havent emptied your pockets. Are you going to do that? Or am I going to pat you down. I'd rather be the gentleman and let you do it, but when bullets are flying and people's lives are at stake, I'm not going to hold back either...."


He was still a gentleman. 


But his suspicions had grown beyond platitudes and persuasion. Either she was going to empty her pockets, or he was going to empty her pockets. 

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Tricia's eyes were like ice as she starred at the cosmic captain of the cosmos. "Yes, you are clearly showing that you are no hero at all."


Clearly, she was getting nowhere with Captain Cosmos, so instead she turned to the masses around them. "Come on! Are you just going to let him treat me like this? Look at those guys with guns, and he's trying to get me to empty my pockets? Whose side is this guy on, anyway? He's probably working with those gunmen!"


The crowds didn't really seem to pick a side here. Some sounded like they agreed with Tricia, others with the captain. At any rate, Tricia did not make any move to empty her pockets.

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