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The Divine Wind


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Using a flash-bang which is a ranged Dazzle Burst effect at DC 16 Reflex for the initial save, or Fortitude for the subsequent saves. Then taking 10 to get a 25 to Talon's Stealth check and hiding whilst their still dazzled. With both Hide in Plain Sight and Stealth Skill Mastery, it should work even if they beat the saves, I think.

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Thats a lot of reflex saves! Reflex Saves: 10#1d20+1 15 16 18 20 6 4 14 6 2 13


So the first five are area saces: and #2,3,4,and 5 all make it, lowering subsequent saves to DC 13. 


The actual saves follow, and all fail bar number 3 (who only makes it due to the area reflex save). So, one thug left, who will respond with some panicked shots at Talon (which will kick in before he stealths, as we have bypassed initiative). 


Bam! Bam Bam!: 1d20+2 5




So we dont get to caught up in a low level fight, im going to bypass the recovery rolls - unless there is an inordinate amount of time, and they stay dazzled!


Talon is therefore up again, with four blinded and one panicked thug, and in stealth. 





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