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Time and Space Meet and Greet (OPEN?)


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So Exaccus PC, Venomax just ingested a herb with magical Lovecraftian properties, sending his mind through time and space. Not in a good way, for it will befuddle his brain!


But Exaccus and I wondered if we could do a crazy social open thread, where his astral projection (or whatever) makes contact with some PCs. From alternate realities, from mystical realms, from the distant past or future. 


If you have a PC who would like a couple of posts in a bit of an experimental open thread, please drop us a note in this thread? For instance, if you have an immortal character we could do a flashback as his brain / consciousness falls back in time. Or similarly, the future. Maybe an astrally projected character meets him. Or if you fancy a few posts as he drifts past an alternate reality to meet an alternate version of your PC, that could work!


To keep it contained, Im going to ask for just a few posts from each cameo. But of course it could lead to more adventures in the present!


This is a sort of crazy meet and greet!

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