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Wrong Groceries

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The Mesa? Could they mean Magic Mesa? Cassidy's disappointment in the kids' reaction was short lived, there were more important matters now. He disappeared into a whirl of sand again, flying through the air and leaving the club. Stealth didn't matter much, but it was just the easiest way to get through. It shouldn't be difficult to find some sand somewhere. A nearby construction site would do. Then he could use that to travel and quickly get to the Mesa. 


Maybe he was in luck and Abdul hadn't gotten there yet. He hadn't felt the pull towards the Magic Mesa yet. If not, who knew what kind of trouble Abdul could cause? He didn't even know anything about him, aside from his choice in drugs and him being a philosophy major.

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The nearest construction site was suitably near. And the sand was suitably silicon. Through strange eldritch power, through stranger eldritch dimensions, the Dust Devil felt the Mesa, and felt space (and other dimensions) flow past him until...


Well, that is another story.


But to the Mesa he went. That strange nexus through stranger realms, through dreams and visions, through the past and future. Through twisted corners and spiralling passages. 


And as he travelled to the Mesa, to the flat broken dry earth around it, he beheld a vision of a scorpion. 


~ Fin ~

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