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Forever Boy

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1. Where is your hero from?

  • Neverworld, a world of adventure and swashbuckling.

2. How would your hero physically describe him/herself? Is this different from how others would?

  • Pretty and slim.

3. Does your hero have distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms?

  • I tend to hover or fly most of the time, at least when I'm not actively trying not to.

4. What is your hero's motivation?

  • To find adventure and friends. To find a way back to Neverworld.

5. What are your hero's greatest strengths and weaknesses?

  • I am fearless and resourceful. I tend to get overemotional, which can lead to some rash actions.

6. What does your hero love? What does your hero hate?

  • I love adventure in all forms. I don't tend to hold a lot of hate, except for the Hooked Man. When I return to Neverworld, I will defeat him.

7. How would you describe your character's mental and emotional state?

  • Mentally stable, but my emotions tend to run a bit wild.

8. What does your hero fear the most?

  • Never returning to Neverworld.

9. What is your character's greatest ambition?

  • To return to Neverworld, where I will defeat the Hooked Man. 

10. How does your hero feel about the state of the world and his/her place in it?

  • I don't really know much about the Earth yet, so I'm trying to find my place here, at least until I can return to Neverworld.

11. Does your hero have any prejudices? How does he/she get along with others?

  • I try to let a person's actions speak for them. I try to get along with everyone.

12. Where do your heroes loyalties lie? In what order?

  • The Pixies of Neverworld, the Lost Heroes of Neverworld, friends and other students at Claremont Academy, Claremont Academy itself.

13. Does your hero have a lover or partner? How do they feel about the hero now?

  • No. I have had courtships in Neverworld, but none amounted to anything.

14. Does your hero have a family? What is the relationship there like?

  • The closest thing I have had to a family was the Pixies and the Lost Heroes of Neverworld. The pixies raised me and taught me all my tricks. The Lost Heroes made me into a hero. I would do anything for either group.

15. How would the people closest to your hero describe him or her?

  • Impulsive, emotional.

16. Is your hero a role model?

  • I try to be, but I'm not sure if I am.

17. How spiritual is your hero? Does your hero follow a relgious tradition?

  • Not much. I don't really think about it, to be honest.

18. Is your hero part of a team, or would he/she like to be? Why?

  • Back on Neverworld I was part of the Lost Heroes. Here on the Earth, I'm in Claremont Academy's Blue Squad.

19. How does your hero feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth?

  • I am technically an alien on Earth, and I just love all the strange powers that people have here.

20. If you could give one piece of advice to your hero, what would it be?

  • Some times, it's fine to relax.

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