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Divergence from 3E

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Book-by-book, in order of publication. Anything not listed can be taken as read.:


Emerald City:


Omitted material:


*No Silver Storm, the central figures and events of the Emerald City Knights adventure are not present in that form in this game.

*No Sentinels, the Emerald Cities of the Columbia Delta have had no public superheroic figures since the Second World War, until the debut of the player-created Emerald Spider. 


Altered material:


*Emerald City relocated to the Columbia River delta, split into Emerald City, Washington and Emerald City, Oregon. Basic geography unchanged.

*The Chamber remaining as dominant criminal force in the cities. F.O.E. renamed to the Fellowship of Elites.

*Tellax robot statue replaced with the derelict Destructoid "Devlin".


Added material:


*Added NPC supercorp Ming Xi Visions and player-created Archetech.

*The Emerald Cities have practically no public heroes or villains, but a strong population of metahumans of all stripes without the power or desire to take part in that world.

*Future expansions will fill this space.


Cosmic Handbook:


Omitted material:


*Collapsar, the Stellar Imperium and the Republic Alliance do not exist on this site. The site's Galactus analogue is the Gorgon, the Stellar Khanate has been mostly shattered and depowered after its disastrous part in the Incursion War and rather than being conquered the Lor Republic is a founding member of the intra-galactic union of the Coalition. 


Altered material:


*Star Island alien refugee site resulting from the Incursion War, not the fall of the Lor Republic.

*Mentor and the Star Knights drastically reduced in numbers and efficacy, with Mentor badly damaged in the War.


No material added





Omitted material:


*Elite has not taken the name and job of the Raven, though he has become the unpowered protector of New York City.

*There is no Centuria. The closest analogue is the player-created Triakosia.

*Team Canada does not exist. The premier Canadian team is the player-created True North.

*Dominion City and Dominion do not exist.

*Volkavia and its Baroness do not exist. The Doctor Doom and Latveria counterparts are the player-created Typhoon and Socotra.


Altered Material:


*The Buckner Ridge Superhuman Penitentiary and Buckner Ridge have been moved from Tennessee to  Marquette County, Michigan. 


Material added:


*The addition of the above player-created Typhoon and Socotra.


Freedom City 3E


*[To be continued]


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