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True North


True North


Canada's Premier National Superteam 


Canadian Shield - Elizabeth Combs, Geokinetic

Elizabeth Combs is the daughter of an RCD Corporal and a minor Igneous noble, of the subterranean civilization dwelling beneath much of the area surrounding Hudson Bay. Taking more after her human father, Liz is still easily recognizable, being nearly seven feet of somewhat ashen skin tone and subtle, scale-like mineral deposits that run across her cheeks and down her spine. Luckily her rugged good looks and confident charm made her an ideal poster woman for the government funded Canadian super team when her geokinetic powers, present from birth, began to develop in earnest. Favouring creating rocky armor and weapons to enhance her already considerable toughness and strength, Canadian Shield is also a decisive leader on and off the battlefield. She's a canny political player, but always stops short of compromising her high ideals, something that has earned her the respect of even her more difficult teammates.


Notable Appearances: MolehillsAct of Union


Bombardier - Paul Bouchard, Battlesuit

Paul Bouchard was a young blue collar worker from Dorval whose chance at an athletic scholarship as a goalie had been cut short thanks to stepping out of the crease to throw down his gloves one time too many. Bouchard's stubborn streak manifested itself in his job as an assembly line worker where he drove himself to learn as much of the engineering principles behind the areospace components he helped build as he could on his own time. Because of that, when a rush order on a limited run of components came his way, he recognized them as pieces of a powered gauntlet moments before heavily armed technology pirates broke into the factory to steal them. Managing to cobble together the concussive blast weapon in the resulting chaos, Bouchard defeated the thieves and saved the lives of his coworkers. An instant media sensation, he was soon tapped to don the full, prototype armor as the one-man air force, Bombardier.


Notable Appearances: Molehills


Coyote III - Jim Pegahmagabow, Acrobat

The latest in a line of First Nations heroes, Jim Pegahmagabow is easily an Olympic level acrobat and martial artist. Neither he nor any of his predecessors possessed any superpowers, although the original Coyote played on superstitions to cultivate an aura of mystery, some of which remains today. The very definition of a street-level hero, Coyote spends as much time helping around the community as he does fighting crime, but after demonstrating an ability to take down metahuman opponents well out of his supposed 'weight class' he was approached about joining the premier national team. Deciding he could do the most good in the spotlight, he agreed. A penchant for banter and minor issues with authority mark him as a young man still trying to find his own way to live up to his legacy, but his genuinely caring nature has made him a key part of bringing team's disparate members together as more than comrades-in-arms.



Daniel Storm - Mystic/Survivalist

Calling Daniel Storm a superhero would take an extremely generous use of the term. A stocky survivalist with a weathered face typically concealed by a full beard and a scowl, Storm spends most of his time in the undeveloped wilderness and would just as soon keep to himself if not for an uncanny habit of running into the varied preternatural strangeness of the Canadian North. From haunted cabins to feral wendigo to rogue nature spirits, without meaning to Storm has become one of the world's most experienced monster hunters, picking up more than a few mystical tricks of the trade along the way. Officially a consultant rather than a full member, Storm rarely accompanies the team into all-out brawls, but more than once he's been the deciding factor against a supernatural foe. Despite his gruff personality, Storm rarely refuses a call for help and takes a vaguely avuncular attitude towards the younger heroes.


Notable Appearances: World Tour: Way to Go, Wendigo!


Verglass - Adhira Zev, Super Speed/Ice Generation

Adhira Zev was always a little odd, the sort of up-and-coming particle physicist who rode her bike to work, went rock climbing on weekends and made puns requiring multiple fluencies to appreciate. A lab accident made her much stranger, a kinetic energy sink who uncontrollably slowed the molecules around her to increase her own speed, resulting in severe temperature drops. Crafting a suit that let her channel that ability to good use, she took the name Verglass and became Victoria's most prominent superhero in short order. A brilliant thrill seeker, Adhira loves going fast and solving complicated problems on the fly, but being forced to wear her containment harness nearly all the time or endanger everyone around her wears on the gregarious woman more than she lets on. Some of that strain shows in her reckless attitude, but fortunately she's usually able to get out of trouble nearly as quickly as she gets into it.


Notable Appearances: World Tour: Way to Go, Wendigo!


Cosmic Constable - J'ou Dorah't, Alien

J'ou Dorah't is a member of an interplanetary police force tasked with guarding their little corner of the Lor republic. Ending up on Earth on the trail of a criminal, he teamed with Canada's superheroes to bring the offender to justice and afterward decided to remain. This wasn't so odd: J'ou's particular rank suggests an anthropologist as much as a peacekeeper, seeking to understand the guilty while protecting the innocent. With bright red skin and a stately white uniform, the Cosmic Constable rides into battle on the back of his robotic steed and brandishing a pair of symbiotic sidearms that can form laser pistols or cavalry sabers. Unfailing polite and friendly, the mild empathic abilities of his people help him compensate for most cultural differences, making him surprisingly adept at making friends out of enemies. He spends most of his time in the prairie provinces when not with the rest of team on larger missions.


Notable Appearances: Act of Union


Wendy Go - Becky Shuster, Monster

Becky Shuster was working a summer job as an airport attendant when a chance encounter with a group of visiting Claremont students ended with her possession by a wendigo spirit in the woods outside of Thunder Bay, transforming her into a creature of terrible strength and unspeakable hunger! Thankfully her new friends were able to subdue her and True North's consulting mystic Daniel Storm spent nearly two years training her to keep her bestial side under tenuous control. Now a junior member of the national superteam, Wendy Go is a young woman doing her best to prove herself in a suddenly much larger, stranger world. Curious and enthusiastic by nature, Becky is eager to learn from her more experienced teammates but her fear of losing control again has added a streak of glum introspection to her personality that matches the streak of white in her hair.


Notable Appearances: World Tour: Way to Go, Wendigo!MolehillsAct of Union

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