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[OOC] Tonight there's gonna be a Jailbreak


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27 - Agent 1 (with Knife)
24 - Agent 2 (with Rifle)


He'll attempt to Feint as a Move Action: Feint: 1d20+9 27

And then strike in Melee: Attack: 1d20+12 13 ... of course.

Synth gets a HP, and I will reroll that!

Attack: 1d20+12 16 Which makes it a 26, and that hits!
So that'd be a DC22 Toughness Save, And will apply a Rank 7 Fatigue Power, to trigger next turn!

The second man, in the meanwhile, will try to Intimidate Synth:

Intimidate: 1d20+9 18

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Tough Save: 1d20+10 11


Sense Motive vs SHADOW: 1d20+8 12


Ouch. Its a bit early to get that stuffed this early, so I will spend that earned HP to reroll toughness: Tough Reroll: 1d10+20 22 passing. Will still be shaken one round. 


Still, grappling the first agent (with knife): I dont know if they are minions so I will roll to hit: Grapple Agent: 1d20+10 18


If that does hit, the opposed grapple roll is: Grapple roll: 1d20+22 34

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Unfortunately that just barely misses! :(

The Agent will attack again, no Feint this time:
Attack: 1d20+12 32

Oh, okay then. I'll just say +5 Damage, so a DC27 lethal this time. (This really wasn't planned!)

Also, if you select the last post, you will see the following, written in white and now applying:


And will apply a Rank 7 Fatigue Power, to trigger next turn!

So that'd be a DC17 Fortitude check as well, please!


The other man will sprint forward, but not directly affect combat this turn! However, I'd say since it offers a situation where doing the smart thing and doing the heroic thing aren't the same, that's already worth a HP!


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