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(OOC) Marsha's

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Woodsman: 25, +1 extra HP given the circumstances

Leader: 24

The Ride: 20, +1 extra HP 

His Partner: 15

Guy By the Door: 14 

Guy By the Register: 12 


I'll spend an HP to get Quick Change for Woodsman for the scene. 

Woodsman bursts out from the bathroom and fires a shot at the guy by the door, then ducks back into cover.  


Attack vs DC 15: 

http://orokos.com/roll/554775 13! 


Well that's embarrassing. I'll spend another HP for a reroll and have one left. 

http://orokos.com/roll/554777 = 24, with the HP. 


That's TOU (15+6+5) = 26

Guy By the Door: 21


He's a minion and he failed a Tou save, so he's out! (The same cannot be said for the Leader, watch out!) 



attempts to Startle Ash: 13

Not so good! 


Tries to shoot him: 

http://orokos.com/roll/554781 = 27
Now that hits! That's a DC 25 Tou save for Ash 

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