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  1. Startle is a standard action unless they take -5. Which if you did, is fine, and probably explains the low score. 15 with Sense Motive Also, Ash has Impervious Toughness 10, which means the leader has to have at least 10 in all for the hit to affect Ash. 28 on Toughness
  2. Freedom City. This stuff must go on every day. Ash thought normal villains in costumes, but this? This was a travesty. S/He balked at the attack from the pretend cop. Despite this being impersonating an officer, they could tack on assault and maybe disruption of an event. Ash was no lawyer, but s/he watched enough courtroom television. Whatever, it was over for words. Time for actions. People were ducking and hiding in the bathroom. That would have been Ash's excuse if s/he had time for the costume. This time though, s/he would have to deal with these bad actors personally. "I didn
  3. Ash had a thing for jazz, the soft smooth sound to the lively type that got them dancing. No dancing here though! S/He tapped along with the beat as s/he sipped their espresso with a bear face. S/He chatted up the barista, but it was getting far too busy. Maybe afterwards they would talk? S/He sat sat with bated - coffee smell - breath for the poetry to begin. And at first, s/he was content to here the stories. The trials and tribulations of life. The heartfelt pain and joy. It was delightful and thought provoking. S/He felt some of their feeling in their lives. One of the twins go
  4. Ash can take 10 and get 20 on Notice with Skill Mastery Ash is on their toes, 30 on Sense Motive!
  5. Ash had been scoping out Freedom City for about a month now. Getting to know the hero community from the bystander side. Not that s/he was any bystander, A bystander who could take care of their own! Still, Ash Parker wanted to blend into the hero side and normal side seemlessly. S/He had even taken a shine to a heroic name, The Ride, and got a fancy black leather costume and domino mask. Not that The Ride had superspeed, but they could run faster than a normal human, almost as fast as a car. S/He thought the name was appropriate! Riverside district was a lovely art community that
  6. The genderfluid complication is Prejudice. Some people don't accept that people arent one gender or no gender at all. If their small minds could comprehend it it wouldn't be a problem. Welcome to my day to day life.
  7. Did both things you said. I don't have Ultimate Power, so I only know of Array from builds and what people tell me. Hopefully it's right!
  8. The Ride Power Level: 10 (150/152PP) Unspent Power Points: 2 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: A mutant who is equally tough and flexible. Catchphrase: "Get ready for The Ride!" Theme: Alternate Identity: Ash Parker (Secret) Birthplace: Springville, Alabama Residence: Lewes, Delaware Base of Operations: Freedom City, New Jersey Occupation: Delivery Affiliations: Superheroes Family: Tiny, owner (is a cat). Martin Parker, father. Martha Parker, mother. Description: Age: 21 (DoB: 1996, February 14) Apparent Age: early twenties Gender: Fluid (he/him, she/her, they/the
  9. Thank you for your help, Supercape!
  10. Hello! I've been talking in Discord and decided to do a super acrobat. Supercape said they'd do a build and needed a place to put it. Here we go.
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