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Rene DeSaens Possible Reactivation/Rebuild


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I may have a reward coming up soonish. Not sure what to use it on but I was always fond of Rene and have not played him in years. He would need a rebuild so not to use his Vet rewards, and in any case a few refinements would not go amiss. 


Rene DeSaens

Power Level: 12 (250/250 PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: +5 Toughness / -5 Defence

In Brief: Famous French Artist Magician and Libertarian

Catchphrase: “Zut Alors!” “I am just a helpless old man!”

Birthplace: Paris, France

Residence: Freedom City,
Base of Operations: Freedom City (And Paris)
Occupation: Artist
Affiliations: Loosely speaking; the French Government, Artistic Communities, the Halbediers.
Family: None alive


Age:  240 (DOB: 7th July, 1777)
Apparent Age: Venerable
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 68 Kgs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White

Rene is stooped with age but has a robust energy. He has a white goatee and hair, and usually wears a beret and glasses.


As a young man, Rene fought in the French Revolution. He ended up helping Broken Crow, master mage of the time, track down and destroy a necromancer in Paris (the nefarious Count Necromme). Impressed with Rene’s passion and bravery, Broken Crow pointed him down the path of magic.

Over the centuries, Rene has been a revolutionary, philosopher, and magician but above all an artist! He has come into conflict, several times, with the mysterious Gallia (Spirit of Aristocratic France) and been involved with the rather chaotic and conflicted Halbediers (magicians of France).

Rene has always had a sense of something awful happening in Freedom City, and moved there in 2010 as a semi-retired artist.


Personality & Motivation:
Rene is an irritable, classic “Artist” who can be grumpy at times but this is a bit of an act; he is extremely warm hearted – although has little time for fools.

Rene is well known for hugely down playing his powers, insisting he is only a helpless old man, with trivial arcane abilities at most.

Aside from his political / philosophical leanings (mainly around “Liberty!”) and general good nature (he has seen plenty of wars and horrors over the years), he also takes a role in protecting Earth from arcane threats.


Powers & Tactics:
Rene is an extremely experienced and powerful mage, with centuries of skill and wisdom behind him. He has survived partially because he is very careful to down play his power. He is able to “paint” onto reality, creating streaks of magical power such as light or eldritch blasts, or physical objects like cobwebs or chains. This is not reality warping but, with his artistic sensibilities, creating “lines” of force.

He carries his magic paintbrush that is more precise, and can alter light, creating illusions, invisibility, and so on.

Whilst aged, and physically weak, he is extremely tough and resilient. Whilst his eyesight is failing, he is able to mentally envisage his surroundings, seeing it as if it is an impressionistic painting.

Born from the French Revolution, Rene has a particularly desire for liberty above all else, and has a strong connection with the spirit of Liberty; he is able to summon this force to protect both himself and others around him from any form of imprisonment or mind control.

In conflict, Rene will avoid showing his hand, tending to plead impotence, helplessness or incompetence. He might happily surrender in order to be taken prisoner. When in a fight his major limitation is extreme lack of mobility; if in possession of his paintbrush, he will usually try to manipulate his environment first, such as plunging the area in darkness, or  distracting flashes of twinkling lights.



Elderly and Infirm: Aside from his rather poor physical abilities, Rene has other various problems of advanced age. For instance, he needs would not be able to run fast or long (or even at all), and medical care might be more complicated.

Art! Rene may well use sub-optimal tactics in order to make things more dramatic or artistic. For example, he might have to paint the sky a lovely shade of moonlight rather than make everyone invisible.

Blurred Vision: Rene needs his reading glasses. Without them, he can’t read, or even paint (at least anything in detail).

Washed out: Rene’s magic ink is both limited in quantity (it may run out) and also will wash out in water. Immersion will remove it completely, and it will last a minute at most in rain. Even fog or mist will slowly erode it.

Slave to Liberty: Although Rene can snare people for short periods of time, his is a libertarian and will not abide mental control or imprisonment (aside from humanitarian and legal incarceration). Aside from his own passion, any compromise in this area would stop him from summoning the spirit of liberty. In addition, various spiritual or eldritch considerations might prevent him from using this power (such as draconian planets / dimensions or certain eldritch / divinely charged areas).

Unmodern Cons: Whilst Rene has plenty of money (from his art), and has plenty of luxuries (like art, fine wines, and so on), he does without modern cons. He does not own a car or mobile phone, and does not even have a T.V. or computer at home (although he does have a radio). It is not that he cannot use these conveniences (although he might be slightly slow on them), he just does not have them to hand.

Abilities: -2 - 2 + 0 + 4 + 34 + 12 = 46
Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 8 (-1)
Constitution: 10 (+0)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 44 (+17)
Charisma: 22 (+6)

Combat: 12 + 12 = 24
Initiative: +3
Attack: +6, +12 With Magic
Defense: +6, +3 Flat Footed

Grapple: +5
Knockback: -8

Saving Throws: 20
Toughness: +17 (+0, +17 Protection)
Fortitude: +17 (+0 Con, +17)
Reflex: +2 (-1 Dex, +3)
Will: +17 (+17 Wis)

Skills: 112R = 28 PP
Bluff 8 (+14)

Concentration 4 (+21)

Craft (Artistic) 16 (+33) [NB: Benefit] +2 With Masterwork tools

Craft (Cooking) 4 (+6)

Diplomacy 4 (+10)

Intimidate 4 (+10)

Knowledge (Arcane) 16 (+33) [NB: Benefit]

Knowledge (Art) 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Cosmology) 8 (+10)

Knowledge (History) 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 8 (+10)

Language 8 (Arabic, English, French (Native), German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Spanish)

Notice [See Disability] +9

Perform [Oratory] 4 (+10)

Perform [Wind Instruments] 4 (+10) +2 With Masterwork Flute

Sense Motive 8 (+25)

Feats: 15PP

Beginner’s Luck (Remembering long forgotten skill!)

Benefit 2 (Use WIS for arcane knowledge and craft art)

Benefit 2 (Wealth)

Equipment 3

Improved Initiative 1

Luck 2


Second Chance (Pretend to be a helpless old man)*


*Applies to any skill that involves pretending to be helpless. Usually this will be the bluff skill but could potentially be others (e.g. disguise, or perform [act])


Equipment: 3PP = 15 EP

Masterwork Art Tools [1 EP]

Masterwork Flute [1 EP]

Headquarters: House in Freedom City (Toughness +10 [1 EP], Size: Small, Features: Arcane Library, Arcane Laboratory, Arcane Workshop, Art Workshop, Eldritch Cleaning [All contents and furnishings clean and freshen automatically], Library, Living Space, Masterwork Kitchen, Security System 3 [DC 30]) [11 EP]

Alternate HQ in Paris (same as above) [1 EP]


Rene has elegant, beautiful, archaic, old houses in both Freedom City and Paris. It has many fine things, such as a wine cellar, but not modern electronics. The homes have converted lofts as an art studio and mysterious arcane libraries in the basement.


A peculiarity of both homes is that all cleaning is done by magic. Pots and pans, clothes, dusting, hoovering, and so on. Regular cleaning will take minutes, with clothes becoming fresh and ironed, and crockery becoming sparkling clean. Even horribly bad stains will fade over the course of a few hours.

As it is home to expensive art, both homes have robust old fashioned locks.




Powers: 2 + 19 + 31 + 1 + 44 + 17 + 7 = 121



Comprehend 2 (Speak to and understand objects, Flaw: Limited to art) [2 PP]

Container 2 (5 CP, Sustained Duration, Extras: Affects Others, Area [Burst, 5’ r], Feats: Progression 3 [up to 100’ Radius], Selective, Subtle) [19 PP] “Spirit of Liberty”

                Immunity 10 (Entrapment, Mental Control) [10 CP]

Device 10 (Easy to lose, Feats: Restricted use [Craft [Art] 5 ranks or more) [31 PP]

Ink Array (45 PP, Feats: Alt power 5) [50 DP]

BP: Morph 5 (Any form, Extras: Area [Bust], Attack + Self [reflex save], Duration [Continuous], Range [Perception], Selective Attack) [45/45 PP] “Ink over”

AP: Concealment 5 (All Visual Senses, Mental Blindsight, Extras: Area [Burst], Attack + Self [Reflex], Duration [Continuous], Range 2 [Perception], Selective Attack, Feats: Close Range, Selective [Different degrees of concealment/different parts of body]) [42/45 PP] “Invisible Ink”

AP: Environmental Control 10 (Bright Light, 5000’ Radius, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Range [Perception], Feats: Precise, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic]) [43/45 PP] “Bright Ink”

AP: Environmental Control 7 (500’ Radius, Distraction DC 15, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Range [Perception], Selective Attack, Feats: Precise, Variable Descriptor 1 [Magic Light]) [44/45 PP] “Twinkling Ink”

AP: Illusion 10 (Visual Senses, Extras: Duration 2 [Continuous], Feats: Progression Area 5 [250’ Radius]) “Ink Painting” [45/45 PP]

AP: Obscure 10 (Visual Senses, 5000’ Radius, Extras: Duration 2 [Continuous], Range [Perception], Feats: Precise, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic]) [43/45 PP] “Ink blot” [43/45 PP]

Immunity 2 (Aging, Disease Flaws: Limited [Half Effect]) [1 PP]

Magic Array (38 PP Array, Feats: Alt power 6) [44 PP]

BP: Blast 12 (Feats: Accurate 3, Affects Insubstantial 2, Homing 1, Improved Critical 2, Indirect 3, Precise, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic]) [38/38 PP]

AP: Blast 10 (Extras: Area [Line], Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect 3, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic]) [37/38 PP]

AP: Dazzle 12 (Feats: Accurate 3, Homing 1, Improved Critical 2, Indirect 3, Precise, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic]) [36/38 PP]

AP: Dazzle 10 (Extras: Area [Line], Feats: Indirect 3, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic]) [35/38 PP]

AP: Snare 12 (Feats: Accurate 3, Affects Insubstantial 2, Homing 1, Improved Critical 2, Indirect 3, Precise, Reversible, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic], Drawbacks: Vulnerable to WIS*) [38/38 PP]

AP: Snare 10 (Extras: Area [Line], Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect 3, Reversible, Variable Descriptor 2 [Magic], Drawbacks, Vulnerable to WIS*) [37/38 PP]

AP: Teleport 9 (Anywhere on Earth, Extras: Accurate, Portal [Sustained, +3], Flaw: Long Range, Needs sculpture/image of target area, Feats: Progression 1 [10’x10’ Portal], Subtle [portal]) [38/38 PP]

Protection 17 [17 PP]

Super Senses 7 (Accurate Mental, Acute Mental, Ranged Mental, Mental Blindsight sense, Mental Counters Concealment) [7 PP]

Drawbacks: -4 PP

Disability: Weak senses (-8 to Notice Rolls) [2 PP]

Vulnerability (Minor, +1 DC, Common [Sleep Effects/Descriptor) [2 PP]

DC Block

ATTACK      RANGE             SAVE                 EFFECT
Unarmed     Touch             DC 14 Toughness      Damage
Blast       Ranged            DC 27 Toughness      Damage

Blast       Ranged, Line Area DC 25 Toughness      Damage

Dazzle      Ranged            DC 27 Reflex/Fort    Visual Dazzle

Dazzle      Ranged, Line Area DC 25 Reflex/Fort    Visual Dazzle

Snare       Ranged            DC 27 Reflex         Snare

Snare       Ranged            DC 25 Reflex         Snare

Morph       Perception        DC 15 Reflex         Morphed

Concealment Perception        DC 15 Reflex         Invisible


Totals: Abilities 46 + Combat 24 + Saving Throws 20 + Skills 28 + Feats 15 + Powers 121 - Drawbacks -4 = 250/250 Power Points

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