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Found 3 results

  1. Saturday, February 1st, 2014 Before midnight (but not by much) Winter had descended with a vengeance on Freedom City once again, but bitter cold and blowing snow couldn't keep young and restless music fans at home. After all, inside the Wall, the press of bodies on the dance floor provided plenty of heat, and the bustling bar provided a different kind for the club goers staying at their tables. Asli Sadik sat backstage, listening to the dance music and to the people outside moving to it. She took deep breathes, calming the butterflies in her stomach. She'd been going on stage for a little more than a year, but somehow every single time she did it she got scared. To distract herself, the woman leaned forward and examined her stage makeup once again. She had decided on a grey-and-black camouflage; she avoided makeup in her daily life, but on stage everything was fair game. A touch there, a careful smudge there, and she had to sit back. Anything more would ruin the effect. Now it was just time to wait.
  2. Rolling and suchlike for >this thread. Jiggity.
  3. With the approval of Miras, I am now working to get her into threads. There's one I've had bubbling in the back of my brain while putting the finishing touches on her. Basically she is doing her set at a club when a fight breaks out, with some minor superpowers mixed in. So I'm looking for two or three other PCs, all around PL 10, all of age to be in a club/bar at night.
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