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  1. The drinks were getting scarce amongst the group at the billiards table. They all started wondering out loud who would go get more. When Moira picked up a mug, they jokingly said it was her day off. They kindly backed down when she wouln't budge from the task. Everyone put some cash into the mug and she was off to the bar. When she got there, she sat down and started counting what was in the mug. This was enough for five or six rounds for the whole group. She put the cash under the mug and called for the bartender, "Hey Joe, we're getting dry over here!" Her voice was demanding, but obviously playful. Joe snickered, picking up the mug and the money, "You want us to keep it coming?" Moira nodded, "But let me take it over there." "Sure thing," Joe said going off to get the drinks. A few seats down, she saw a friend of hers, Stephanie, talking to a new guy. While she was waiting for the drinks to be delivered, she figured she'd go mingle with the two. "Watch out for this one," Moira smirked looking at Jack as she put her hands lightly on the blonde's shoulders, "she's a handful." The two women greeted each other with a hug as Moira sat down. "Who's your new friend," Moira asks Stephanie, looking back to Jack.
  2. I guess it's really description then. Yeah, her social skills and charisma are half personality and half looking good Believe it or not she's not vain at all. Neither am I. I feel that I'm harping on this subject too much.
  3. We talked about this last night in the chat, but heck if I remember if we reached a conclusion. Being that Divine is the child of the goddess of beauty, I was thinking of adding something that mimics "everyone sees something they like about her". The thing is, I don't see that costing 1 point. So would this be a descriptive thing or would I have to plunk 1 point into a Benefit/Feature?
  4. I acknowledge my writing skills are subpar. If you have any suggestions, please suggest :P
  5. It was the first weekend since Moira had quit her job at Morley's. Since the split was amiable (they thought it was for grieving purposes), she was still on good terms with the regular patrons and workers. She decided to go back and see some friends. Plus, she would be the customer this time, not the worker. She arrived early. The pub was filling out nicely for a Saturday night. It wasn't too full, but the business was thriving. There were even a few people she knew besides the people that worked there. They all greeted each other like the great big extended family they were. There were games be played, food to be eaten, beer to be drank. There was even a local band (The Vigilantes, a folk rock cover band) playing later that night. It seemed like it was old times, before her father died. They even raised a pint in his honor. There was nothing that could make this night go wrong.
  6. Looks like you'll be in good (bad?) company there if that guy still plays :P
  7. What this needs now? Darian looking up to find Dr Archeville is not there, and from outside the sound of a car door slamming and a car peeling out :P
  8. That's fine, I could do it either with or without.
  9. Yes, but your attack bonus with it could only be +4.
  10. If I make a character with this, do I have to supply the animals?
  11. The cubes are 10x10x10, but can they be smaller and does whole cube have to be connected? Say that I wanted to make a table and chairs out of one cube, would that be doable? Also, I'd like to know if the sidebar variant is doable or not.
  12. I've been reading up on Green Lantern, and it depends on the ring wearer. One of them just made beams and bubbles (a bubble with functional air that allowed for space travel, but still a bubble). Others have made working vehicles, comicly huge guns, and kryptonite. As for the sidebar, that would be cool, but either works. Shaen mentioned a feat I missed. Innate is what I want, not Permanent. So what I have now is: Create Object 3 (Extra: Duration/Continuous; Flaw: Range/Touch; Power Feats: Precise, Subtle, Innate, Progression) This allows me to make three 10x10x10 cubes (with 15 or 45 points of features if the refs allow)
  13. Permanent: Would I have to destroy the current object before I use it again? Precise: What's the ruling on it here? That is, how complex can I get with it? I'm trying to mimic how a god(dess) can make anything,but on a lesser scale (since my character is not a full-blown goddess). What I have so far is: Create Object 8 (Extra: Duration/Continuous; Flaw: Permanent, Range/Touch; Power Feats: Precise, Subtle)
  14. One last question before i decide. Would immunity to ability score drain be cheaper? If so, by how much?
  15. Going with the whole goddess deal. She can't be changed unless she wants to be changed.
  16. I want to make a child of two dieties, but she's not a goddess yet. The parents dumped her on earth before she could ever attain her place in the pantheon, so she was raised mortal. Is this doable?
  17. If it's only 5 points for 5 powers, then wouldn't it be 1 point a piece?
  18. Does it count as a power or an extra built on to your Constitution modifier?
  19. Immutable looks more like Immunity (alteration effects, trait effects).
  20. Why isn't it set up like the Morphic Device set up like the Quark Tech PDA? It'd look a lot cleaner.
  21. Immunity to Nullify and Drain, specifically
  22. You can inspire fear in others. Take a standard action to strike a suitably fearsome pose or utter an intimidating threat; anyone within (feat rank × 5) feet able to interact with you must make a Will save (DC 10 + rank) or become shaken. If the save fails by 5 or more, the subject flees from you. If the save fails by 10 or more, the subject panics, dropping any held items and fleeing from you as quickly as possible. Your Fearsome Presence rank cannot exceed your Intimidate skill bonus. So does this mean it can go above your save bonus?
  23. If someone else speaks with animals or has some sort of mental comunication, they can hold a conversation. Other than that, she has control over the lion's body and can communicate through body language.
  24. OK, I guess it would be wise to run this idea by you guys before I even start. I want to make a character that's an unfortunate soul that got turned into a lion. She still has human thoughts and feelings. She just can't talk or walk on two feet. So, yea or nay?
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