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  1. Moira stretched and yawned, waking up to the soft light in the room. Sleeping was a luxury for her. She didnt have to do it, but after last night she was happily exhausted enough to take a nap. She was pleasantly suprised that his stamina last night was as much as he put into his matches. Unlike the others before him, she was able to go let herself go. She was even able to show him a few things. Stamina training indeed. Picking up her clothes, she walked to the bathroom. While it was not cramped in there, it definitely was a small bathroom. Still, there was room and amenities for all the things she needed to do to freshen up and get dressed. After she was done, she walked out to find it was a bit cooler this morning than last night. She quickly scuttled over to O'Ren who had finished his own style of grooming. "Good morning," she said walking into his arms trying to absorb some warmth.
  2. On the same note of Toptomcat, would it be impossible to try to grab her?
  3. Use of the Connected feat If Connected does not work that way, she'll have to use an HP off of her Create object, I guess.
  4. Moira wrapped arms around O'Ren and gently laid her head on him as the walked further back. Thinking about how it might get colder later on in the night and how just a quick romp in the trees would spoil the afterwards, she stopped him. "We need more than this," she softly said looking up to him with an almost purr in her voice. Her hand glowed a golden yellow as she reached out in front of them. A few seconds later a small cottage materialized with a burst of the same golden glow. She stepped out of his grip and whispered again, "Just a second." Stepping in the door, she closed it to a crack just enough for him to wonder what was going on. She saw that preperation of the room was satisfactory as usual. Soft glowing candles surrounded the room and a nice large bed was in the center. Low dulcet tones filled the warm air as the sweet smell of incense wafted through it. Her Olympian mother knew what she wanted. Opening the door enough for her arm come out, she stood behind the door and playfully threw her tanktop at O'Ren then beckoned him inside.
  5. Moira thought about it for a moment. O'Ren was right, that would ruin the moment they were having. Was the moment already gone? She didn't want to let her trainer and possible hookup slip away in one shot. She needed to act quick to save this moment. She stood as closely as she could in front of him, but gauged where she would need to stop if he got uncomfortable again. Looking up to him with a warm smile and a soft voice, "O'Ren, I understand what you're feeling. I don't want to ruin the moment either. We'll have to get to it eventually though, right?Let's not think about it right now if it manes you uncomfortable. Whatshould we work on now? Maybe," she leaned into his ear and whispered.
  6. You'll look back in 12 years and kick yourself for saying that Happy birthday.
  7. Moira, once again, was glad she didn't have to make use of breathing. The cigar smoke didn't irk her, but the smell must have been horrible. It reminded her of the father she grew up with. He always bought the sweet smelling kind of tobacco. O'Ren's grip was satisfying, not too hard but definitely where she could feel it. She could stay there for a while if he didn't mind. "Strength is something you felt," she smiled at her small victory, "but how do you suggest we do speed and endurance and footwork?"
  8. Forceful Ops happens way before Divine comes Divine :shock:
  9. The sudden stop in motion silenced Moira. She thought if she moved the wrong way, she would have dislocated O'Ren's shoulder or worse. Her voice was more playful than her look of shame for herself suggested. "I guess I left myself wide open for that," she said looking up to him. She smiled and rested against him in the hold, "Maybe we should start with some defense?"
  10. Grapple check! (1d20+20=37) Close! But, eh, horseshoes and handgrenades.
  11. Moira felt confident after that shot. It got her blood pumping to see that she could actually throw a punch without breaking her target. Getting into the same position as last time, she let loose with a blow that flew past his hand. She gritted her teeth as the followup connected, sending the same shockwave from before, and knocking O'Ren back another foot. She quickened her pace for the third blow, trying to follow up with another, but just like the first shot it fell short.
  12. Good, because she's not deliberately trying to miss you, but... Three shots in a row at O'Ren (1d20+7=8, 1d20+7=13, 1d20+7=8) :(
  13. Divine would get in on it but she's about as sneaky as a light in a dark room :P
  14. Moira knew O'Ren wouldn't take her seriously. If she were him, she wouldn't either. Not to mention with all the quick changes of emotions, she very much wanted to act on her primal instincts as much as he was showing. She smiled and shook her head as he assumed the sparring position. "OK, I'll try to take it lightly," she said putting up her fists, "Please forgive me if I hurt you." She wound up as far as she could and connected with his hand with enough force to knock ten trees to the ground, but all it did was make him stagger back about a foot. "That was a light punch," she smiled while walking over to him.
  15. "You don't understand," Moira sighed, putting her forehead on O'Ren's chest. Picking her back up again, she smiled with an a worry in her voice, "Just pick anything stronger or tougher than that tree and I'll show you."
  16. "Yeah, we'll talk tomorrow," Moira smiled at Stephanie as she walked over to the fallen tree. She waved at Jack as her friend ran back to him. Waiting for them to get out of view, she rolled the tree under her foot. After they were gone, she made her showing to O'Ren. When he asked his question, she stopped in her tracks. She was glad she didn't need to breathe or she would of gasped and had to smell the cigar he was sucking. Not believing what he was insinuating, she had to make sure. She looked to him with all seriousness, "I don't think I can hit you, full force, without breaking something."
  17. Moira flinched as she soaked in the O'Ren's sarcastic disbelief. She expected his reaction to be as such, but that didn't dampen her resolve. She flinched again when the tree went flying past her. After his talk of joining a self defense class, she grinned at him with determination, "Well, I have tried before." She then walked over to the felled tree. Grabbing it with one hand where his blow left a mark, she stood it back up with the ease of a toothpick. "But they say I hit too hard," she said wrapping her hands around the sides of the broken tree before forcing it into the ground, "and that they couldn't move me that easily." She winked at him, "They said I should find superhuman help."
  18. Moira gently took O'Ren by the hand and guided him away from the party like atmosphere to the woooded area surrounding the place. The butterflies in her stomach were kicking into high gear as she thought of how she would phrase her question. They stopped when they got a ways into the wooded area. The party was still visible from where they were, but the droning sounds were softer. She let go of him and leaned against a sturdy looking tree. She smiled and looked at him with a face of reserved exitement, like she would jump at any minute if he said anything. "O'Ren, I've been watching your matches ever since you were SuperSlams. And ever since about a month after that, I've wanted to meet you... personally. Will you," she paused to slowly take a step forward getting right next to him, putting them almost face to face, "teach me how to fight?"
  19. Moira Morley


    Power A Power B (Extra: Triggered [if Power A hits]) Power C (Extra: Triggered [if Power B hits]) Power D (Extra: Triggered [if Power C hits]) et cetera Is that legal?
  20. Stepping out after O'Ren, Moira stretched her arms and legs. The cab ride was almost unbearable. If these people weren't someone she knew, she probably would have been in a foul mood. But the warm weather and the people she knew (and the person she would get to know) made her less cranky. Looking around at the party goers, she feels a bit underdressed and possibly out of place in her black track pants and form-fitting black tank top. She looked around for Stephanie and Jack, but it seemed they had already made their way in to the night's festivities. Now was the perfect time to ask O'Ren. She looked to him with a hopeful smile then whispered in his ear, "I need to talk to you. Alone."
  21. How do you qualify for one page? Also, "one page per character" means if my story involves three people (my character and two NPCs), would it have to be three pages?
  22. Is this supposed to be set now? Like in January? Can we make it a summer month? It'll affect what I post next.
  23. The limited flaw on Emotion Control says you can only pick one emotion. what if you just want three emotions? Would that be a drawback or an array?
  24. Moira listened to O'Ren's story with satisfaction. The line about fighting all his life was music to her ears. She didn't want to know how to kill someone (she assumed that she would learn that from him one day), she just didn't want to look incompetent like she was last weekend. She had never been to a rave before, but a party was a party. Still it was too public for what she wanted to ask him. She'd have to pull him away for a second when they got out of the cab. Hopefully he didn't have any plans for that party.
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