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  1. How dare this floating bint try and take away from the glorious purpose of his grand mission? He had to keep this foul shipment of contemporary culture from spreading out into and poisoning the rest of the world - especially his beloved Great Britain! But his suit was already showing signs of light damage, damage that would take weeks to repair. Far too much money, in his opinion, as well. But what could one do? There were only a couple of ways this ended well for him, and the amount of ways it ended well with the completion of his objective were shrinking by the moment. "A deal, then, my dear." The Tyrant suggested with a wicked grin audible in his voice. "You haven't time to subdue me AND find the bombs - nor can you hope to subdue me and prevent any casualties. I hope you understand that, thus far, I have been... shall we say 'generous', when ti comes to the lives of the riffraff." He growled. "I can provide you with a list of the trapped containers in exchange for my release in good faith - nobody needs be hurt, and nobody has to know. You get to save the day and prove what a capable young miss you are in a man's world, and I leave with a shred of dignity in tact. What do you say?"
  2. That hit was very nearly enough to lift his feet off of the ground, and it certainly discouraged him dropping his defense for another all-out-attack. Tranquility Titan threw an elbow at the Hero that came up short, and stumbled backwards to create a little more distance. Just enough distance to draw a pair of grenades from some compartment on his thighs and pause in clear threat. If Dawnstar wanted to press the attack again, some seriously explosive nonsense was going to be the cost - potentially. Truth be told, some seriously explosive nonsense had been the plan from the start, but on a less personal scale. But if palming a couple grenades would give him some breathing room, that was a bluff the Tyrant was more than willing to make.
  3. Toughness save: 17 Punch will fail: 13
  4. The Tranquility Tyrant couldn't help but smile behind his mask as the blonde hero started losing her cool. Attacks going wild, taking shots at his pride - yes, this was most assuredly a rookie. "It does not matter if I best you, brat - in a few minutes, that ship will explode, and carry the whole of America's foul cultural export to the bottom of Freedom Bay!" He boasted. "You might as well have stayed home and practiced your crochet, darling - at least you'd have a skill worth mentioning, save getting in lucky hits!" Clenching his fist again, the Tyrant spun and unleashed a whistling roundhouse punch that threatened to easily shatter the ribs of a normal person - a normal person he knew this girl wasn't, at this point. Even if he was condescending enough to reach the center of the Earth, the Tyrant hadn't gotten this far by underestimating opponents of any shape.
  5. Generally speaking, the Tyrant tried to avoid getting into fisticuffs with brightly-coloured do-gooders - his cannon was a much more effective weapon. But despite the power of her initial strike, this was, after all, just some blonde waif in need of a stern reminder to leave the combat business to her boyfriend or daddy. "Quiet, you!" he barked, dipping nimbly under her kick once she'd shimmied her way out of his grip. He HAD been intending to simply knock her out and leave her here to be collected by somebody else, but it seemed the doll would need to get roughed up a bit more before that became a viable option. As her leg was still in the air, the Tyrant decided to deliver on his threat - and although spanking was usually done with an open hand, a closed fist and a punch to the lower back instead of the behind would have to do. Loud-mouthed upstart!
  6. A whirling hook. Mask, you old fool! Even if it was coming at his shoulder, the blow was too close for comfort - and now that he'd recovered from the initial power of that first blow, Tranquility Tyrant was more than ready to throw down in melee combat. "YOU DARE?!" He barked, sounding as though he'd just caught one of the estate servants defecating in his prize-winning shrubbery. Bringing his arm up, servos grinding, the Tyrant managed to catch that second follow-up blow before it slammed into anything fragile or easily broken. Like his face. Twisting his grip around, the Tyrant grabbed hold of Dawnstar's wrist and attempted to sieze the Ultiman hero by the neck, pushing backwards towards a shipping container. "You impetuous little cur! I aught to put you over my knee right now!" The enraged old man howled. "Enough games! TIME FOR A LESSON!"
  7. Toughness Save: 27 Tyrant uses All-out attack to drop his defense by 5, adding 5 to his following attack - a Melee attack to start a grapple. http://orokos.com/roll/282263 The resulting Grapple Check: 5ATT+5STR+5SuperSTR
  8. The powered armor of the Tranquility Tyrant was a modern work of art - the combined effort of two walks of life, corporate and criminal. It was a product of the most talented minds of generations united in the singular pursuit of a wealthy man's money, able to bend steel and shoot quiet at people, among a few other tricks. Destructive tricks. But faced with a blow from the polar-born art-hound, even Humphrey's vaunted armor was poor protection - Dawnstar 2 slammed into his braced frame like a rocket, her fist pounding into his chestplate with no room for discussion. The blow was enough to almost knock him off his feet, but not quite - and thanks only to his armor. With a stunned "FAH?!" The Tyrant took a half-step back, his weapon lowered, his senses rattled by the might of the attack.
  9. The blast of energy slammed into Tranquility Titan's cutting-edge power armor and, other than briefly twisting with the attack, he did not so much as recoil to indicate that he'd been physically struck. Wearing a mask was good for that, although he somewhat ruined it by opening his mouth. "Pernicious girl!" The cultured, malevolent man sneered, finally bringing his cannon to bear on the Ultiman do-gooder. "You dare lob such piddling attacks at me? Didn't you father teach you not to strike a man, lest he retaliate?" Bringing his cannon up, the various dials and spinny-bits whirling to indicate that it was a dangerous and scientifically advanced device, the Tyrant paused for a moment to relish in the outbreak of combat. "It brings me no pleasure to incapacitate such a lovely young woman, but you've made it clear that you're determined to jump hip-deep into trouble! Hah!" With a twist of his wrists, the massive cannon discharged a blast of concentrated anti-sound, a blue beam of dangerous intensity!
  10. Toughness Save Vs Damage: 24 Ranged Blast Attack: Also 24
  11. Tranquility Tyrant rolled a 15 to hit with a 100ft Cone attack. The save DC is 20.
  12. "Please continue your work, sir, whilst I handle this interloper." The Tyrant called up to the dock worker, who'd taken Dawnstar's arrival as his cue to work as slowly as possible and not at all whilst Tranquility Tyrant's attention was focused elsewhere. "I'm sure we'll be able to handle this with the usual... discretionary silence." Stevens took the opportunity to make good her escape, dashing behind some nearby shipping containers and out of sight The Tranquility Tyrant didn't bother to face his floating, glowing opponent full on, confident that he could deal with her in a summary fashion without missing out on progress. a small nozzle-like device extended from his shoulder and levelled itself at Dawnstar, momentarily glowing bright blue - projecting a massive cone of disorienting anti-sound, annihalating even ambient noises that the mind was naturally acclimated to hearing, such as the flow of one's own blood. A silence so complete, one could not hear themselves think.
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