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Contributing NPC's


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I may have no time to build my concept chars, so if anyone wants to build them, it's fine by me.

3 npc's:

1st guy could create not too complex objects with average toughness.

out of thin air he can protect himself with a shield or make his own weapon.

2nd guy could animate objects..bringing them to life and command them. However, the objects must be made of any one material or objects in one piece. He wont be able to animate complex objects like machines or electronics. He could animate stone statues (as long as they weren't assembled blocks) as if they were living humans.

3rd guy could deform materials with detail. He can make a steel cube into a statue. He could also change the objects density making it harder or softer. He could feign animating objects, but it would require him to constantly use his power.

Separately, they can stand on their own, but together they can combine their powers. One creates a basic shape, the other would mold it and toughen it, while the last one can animate, creating powerful golems or transportations or whatever they can imagine. Oh, and they don't gestalt..it may be too corny..lol. The name I thought up for them is kinda lame so anyone can suggest a new one.

As a team, they are 3D.

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