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I would normally just contact the mods about this, but that's kind of the problem!  I'm currently unable to send PMs.  When I try, I get a message saying that my inbox is full, which is nonsense; I only had a single message left in my inbox the last time I tried, and I've just deleted that, which does allow me to send a single PM, at which point I get the same error message again for any others I attempt to write.  I haven't been able to test this yet, but I suspect this is also keeping me from receiving new PMs too, given that I've been expecting a few lately but haven't seen them.


I haven't changed any of my profile settings recently (not that I would expect there to be an option for making this happen on purpose), and I know I used to be able to hang onto more than a single message at a time, so apparently something weird is going on.  Advice would be appreciated (and in the mean time, everyone should be aware that if you're sending me messages, then I haven't been getting them). 

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Yup, I clear my cookies pretty regularly just as an old habit, and I just emptied my inbox, sent a new PM, and then tried to send a second one using Microsoft Edge instead of Firefox like I usually do, and I'm still getting the same error message that my inbox is full.  This is pretty bizarre, especially if I'm the only one it's happening to; I've never run into this kind of problem before, on any forum. 


I'm about to head to work, or else I'd stop by Discord for further advice.  I'll try to do that later this week as time permits.  Although if you or one of the other mods want to (Durf is pretty good at this kind of thing, yeah?) feel free to log into my account and play with it a bit to see if you can find anything.  I assume you, as an admin, can do that without needing my password.  Otherwise, I'll keep fiddling with it when I can and then try the chat when I have the chance. 


Thanks for your help! 

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In case my last PM didn't go through (seems like I'm able to reply to ongoing conversations, just not start new ones), your test didn't seem to work.  :/  And I'm getting emails about new PMs now, but not seeing them in my inbox, so apparently that, too, is a confirmed problem.  This is so weird!

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