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June 30th, 2017.

Claremont Academy Main Hall, the end of year event/fundraiser/mixer.

8:01 PM


Corinne Conrad did not, necessarily, want to be here.  She had to play catch up, and still get in all the training needed, plus there was a delay in her getting her powers examined so... there was that.


She was, also, hard hide, at her height and appearance.  Corinne dressed up, with a slightly longer than knee length dress, in a tasteful pink and black plaid with a light orange accent.  As it was an event for the parents, she was here to be... Well she didn't know, except her parents were in town.  Fortunately her biological father wasn't here to add to the awkward, but he seemed to understand that, and kept a respectful distance, while still showing interest.


Her hands folded in her lap, she wasn't even her normal ravenous self as she waited for... something?  Her blue eyes looking around distantly at her surroundings while her folks did their mingling.

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