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Hell Isn't Good... It's Hell!

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As discussed in chat, this is an emotion demon's realm. it's got weird hallways and rooms for different emotions.


Each of us are going to take two rooms, with the help of their companions!


Vita Nexus - Sloth and Greed

Scion - Lust and Pride

Spitfire - Gluttony and Envy

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It's at this point in proceedings Vita's actually turning to his senses - he's feeling out magic, life energy, electromagnetic and emotive force. Basically, if someone could refer to it in a pseudomystical sense as "energy", he'll pick it up. I'd assume he'll find at least the first room we'll discover with this, as well as feel out the current emotional states of probably everyone in the room.

Also, for reference, Vita's fairly obviously marked as somewhat unnatural - pale skin, skinny to the point of being possibly malnourished and with eyes that're pitch black.

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Pride. Hubris. I'm actually drawing a blank on how to show this as an obstacle. I mean I know it's 'believing you're better than everyone else', but how does that help the demon feed? She feels a bunch of Pride. He sucks it up. I don't think that's actiony enough!


A thing I've thought of: she sees visions of her home in this room. Seeing herself rise to full godhood again. Then surpassing even the mightiest of them, Zeus. On;y to be slapped down somehow.


I don't know that will involve you two though!

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well, it's more in my head this way, we watch something happen to you, we react to it, for instance we watch this whole godhood ascension thing happen, you are all wrapped up in it, believing it, which the demon insidiuously feeds on, hoping you'll stay in that room forever, we do our best to talk you into leaving the room, maybe something like that

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Mentioning things from chat:


It's Hell controlled by an emotion demon. The scenery's not going to stay static! Nox (and Kaiser if you return) can mess with the scenery too. I figure it changes every time we go in and out of a room.


Also the rain is liquefied pain. It's raining pain :argh:

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