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The Knight And The Witch

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Earth-Phoenix. United States of America. New Jersey. Several miles outside of Atlantic City. June 21, 2012 (Earth-Phoenix time). 11:30 PM.


The young woman was short, barely five feet tall. She was pale and thin, as if she’d been sick for a long time and perhaps still was. She was lucky if she weighed 90 pounds. There was definitely an air of fragility about her. She stood alone, dressed in a worn black dress and heavy black boots, a mysterious bracelet wrapped around her wrist. Her hair was jet black, straight, and down to her shoulder blades. Her eyes were blue, and strikingly so. Most people who saw her would see someone in need of help, a pitiable example of humanity. However, what most people saw was not the truth. This was the most powerful Black Mage on Earth-Phoenix. This was Blackrose, leader of the runaway children’s group named the Exiles. Normally, she wouldn’t be alone like this. Her physical fragility was no act. However, fellow Exiles founder Radical Dreamer (owner of the most powerful variant of future sight on Earth-Phoenix) had insisted she come alone to this place. A field by the sea, near a small town in New Jersey. She had come alone, but the rest of the main Exiles were close by, in that small town. Both Flare and Windstorm could be here in under half a minute, Flare especially. All the same, it was…weird and unsettling to be alone. Blackrose realized with a start that she hadn’t been entirely alone like this in years. Ever since the quest for what graced her wrist. And even then, she’d soon encountered Cory, and the rest was history.


 “Are you sure, Dreamer?” Blackrose spoke to the warm night air. Dreamer was slightly telepathic as well, and she was well within his range. She frowned slightly, listening to one of her oldest friends speak in her mind. “No, it just seemed weirder than usual for you. I forgot I even had this dress.” She listened a little more. “Okay, so the dimension piercing spell? I mean, that’s weird. I’ve never used it before. I didn’t even know you knew it existed.” Dreamer spoke more, only for her mental ears.  “Yeah, I know. I’m just worried about opening a hole to there. That’s the blank spot between dimensions, Dreamer. It’s really dangerous.” She sighed, listening to him again. “Yeah, you’re never wrong, I know. It’s up to me to do it right. So shush, oh Radical One.”


Blackrose extended her hand out (the one with the bracelet on it) and a quarterstaff seemed to form (right in her hand) out of the darkness of the night itself. It was wooden, but so black light itself seemed unable to fully escape it. She spoke words in a language that had been dead (destroyed for the evil its speakers once did) for millennia when the Messiah walked the earth, and what appeared to be a black dust storm sprung up out of nowhere. However, the “dust” was Black Magic and the wind was her will. Thus nothing was disturbed. She spoke faster, quickly reaching a crescendo. The staff in her hand somehow got blacker, and a hole in the fabric of reality tore open in front of her. Depositing on the ground one Wesley Knight, currently going by the superhero name Vitalas, late of Freedom City. Which, to his surprise, he was no longer in. Despite seeming to be in the exact same geographical location. Blackrose spoke a few more words in that terrible language, and the hole closed before anything else came through. Thankfully.  She leaned on her staff, a little tired. She’d never had the stamina for staying up late, among so many other things. “Are you all right?” She spoke to the bewildered stranger. “Going through the Void can be traumatic, or so I’ve read. Ah, and I didn’t summon you. You have someone else to thank for your trip to the Void. I just pulled you out of it.”

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