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Actually that's pretty good. Roland knows they're made from an alien element that came from an asteroid that landed in eastern Africa, around which the advanced and isolationist civilization of Dakana grew.


They're crystals that have seemingly supernatural energy-transfer and storage capabilities. Even trace amounts of daka crystals vastly improve super-technology.

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Yes, you have free reign of the tiny, cramped room full of eight dudes and a chair. The restraints feel like gem-studded titanium bracelets magnetically linked together. They're snug, but Roland could get out of them, given time and non-supervised conditions.


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They're restless and grumbling amongst themselves, but they don't seem like mercenaries. From their attitude and general deference to the Prince they seem like honest companions. Roland wouldn't have to work hard to set them at their ease by not obviously trying to escape.

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You can totally try.


(Spoilers though, the manacles have daka crystals embedded in them which drain the psionic field Roland generates to control water. We can have HIM find out about that, if you like)

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The Red Lion, or Prince Baako of Dakana, was once the celebrated and beloved heir-apparent of King M'balla of Dakana. However, the recent upset victory of his sister Tafari in the White Lion Trials, as well as his own, crushing defeat in them, exposed a dark side of the young man who went into self-imposed exile. He reappeared as the supercriminal Red Lion, attacking Dakanan interests outside the guarded and quasi-isolationist kingdom and stealing or destroying daka crystals and technology that uses them. He claims to be preventing the 'exploitation of [his] peoples' genius and superior nature' by 'imperialist' forces. Surprisingly, he has amassed a large number of disciples, though largely non-Dakanans. Most recently, he and his followers stole some of the long-range sensor components off of the US nuclear submarine Columbia.

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What can I tell by these cuffs? How easy would it be for me to slip out of them? If failing that, would the risk of dumping them in water make it easier to get out of them? Or am I able to pickpocket the keys from him?

Beyond that, how easy would it be to distract him with small talk?
I am willing to provide the necessary rolls.

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They're blank bracelets around four inches broad and half an inch thick.They're quite tight and would require the usual DC30 Escape Artist check to get out of. They don't have any keyholes, either. Being immersed would not weaken their magnetic attraction.


A Bluff check wouldn't go amiss.

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He does have some kinds of electronics in a utility belt, but if any of them have anything to do with the cuffs is pretty far outside Roland's pay grade.


And the cuffs are more or less indestructible, so they give a +2 to Roland's Unarmed damage, though at a -2 to hit because they bind his hands together and that's super-awkward.

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You can just hit him, and he's not readied his Force Field generator, and is flat-footed, so Wolf takes the hit. 


Minion, and you're taking a Fatigue condition, so Wolf fails his Toughness save in full and is knocked out.


Fox hears and bursts in. Initiative, if you will.


Fox goes on 17


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