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Nothing is put into the drinks, but on activating his powers Kika sees two of the "old-timers"(the cute tea bar nickname for Yakuza reps) start a little and pay much closer attention to him and Jun. One of them slips what looks like an amulet into the palm of their hand, the thing pulsing with something cold and silvery to Kika's otherworldly eyes.

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... I am sorry,  Kolohehonu, I totally forgot about the part where I explain what Kika now knows. Which is this: the amulet was supposedly given to this gumi decades ago by one of the mythical yatagarasu, the sun birds of folklore. It's been used by this guy before, and really badly messes up mages. They've had a warning that one is going to be here tonight and are sure it's Kimo. 



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Kolo could you give me a flat 1d2/'coin toss' roll? 1, it gets in, 2 it does not.


Meanwhile Kika's newly-altered state has been noticed, as has the bizarre actions of the amulet-having Yakuza soldier. Under the pretext of helping out, the guy's buddy moves to grab Kimo. Jun and Paris try to stop him, because friends don't let friends get nabbed by the Mob. Diplomacy check: 12. Ordinarily the guy would be Friendly to Paris, but the circumstances, plus getting in the way of gumi business, slide him down to Indifferent, so that's not enough.


Suddenly things are tense. Jun and Paris won't back down, but neither will the Hawk's men.

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Shino was Hostile, is now Indifferent.


Ordinarily that Stealth check would do stone-cold nothing, but in the midst of flashing walls, ceilings and floors in presses of people that works out fine.


Salmon makes a Diplomacy check to try and get the Yakuza soldiers up to Friendly:  28 result, so Helpful.


Sleight-of-Hand roll to grab up the coin unseen: 23 result, their Notice: 15 result. Done'd.

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All right, so there's ten of them, you're attacking two, would you make some rolls Kolohohenu?


Kid Kamehameha: Unharmed, 1HP

Disque Joqueys(x10): Unharmed-GM


For full disclosure, they are PL6.

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