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[HQ] Leviathan's Lair

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Leviathan's Lair [30EP]


Size: Huge [3EP]


Toughness: +20 [3EP]


Features: [24EP]


Computer 2 (Masterwork)

Concealed 2 (+20)



Infirmary 2 (Masterwork)


Laboratory 2 (Masterwork)

Library 2 (Masterwork)

Living Space


Power* (Healing 12; Affects Others Only)

Power* (Immunity 5 [Disable Device 5]; Immunity 7 [Aging 1 (Half-Effect), Disease 1, Fatigue 5; Affects Others Only])

Power System

Security System


Workshop 2 (Masterwork, Chemicals Only). 


* See Complications below




First, remember that this Headquarters is sized for Leviathan--that is, the various areas and their amenities are best suited for Large characters.  Most of the time this might only be a bit inconvenient for regular humans, but GMs are free to think of more serious consequences if they want to award Hero Points. 


Second, almost all script in the lair is written in Latin, deliberately stylized to appear more alien.  Observant characters, especially ones who speak the language, can probably pick out familiar letters with minimal study, which may prompt them to question the nature of this "ship."  Again, GMs should decide when this is appropriate. 


[HQ] At the Speed of Plot: GMs shouldn't use the Healing Power of Leviathan's lair as it usually applies; moderate Regeneration speeds are more appropriate.  In general, visitors to the headquarters should recover as quickly as the story allows--and if this is noticeably slower than Healing would usually permit, then a Hero Point might be appropriate.  Perfect for heroes licking their wounds after a defeat and preparing to go after the villain for Round 2!  The same guidelines can also apply to the Immunities granted by the lair; they stem from an extremely healthy environment rather than any magic, and should be treated as such.  Note also that Immunity to Fatigue does not apply to Extra Effort, as detailed in the forum's House Rules.


[HQ] Wrong Kind of Lockpicks: Leviathan's lair, being a living plant-like creature in its own right, shouldn't fear traditional intrusion methods.  However, just because Disable Device won't work hardly makes it impregnable.  Enemies with life magic, or medical and biological skills similar to Leviathan's own talents, should be able to apply those talents to enter uninvited.  The Computers skill continues to work normally, with respect to hacking; Leviathan's electronics might not actually be electronic any longer, but they function the same in terms of what havoc an experienced programmer can accomplish with a keyboard. 


The lair is also frequently home to a biological submarine, when not in use or hidden near the shores of Freedom City.


Submarine [10EP]


Defense: 8 [0EP]


Size: Huge [2EP]


Speed: Swimming 4 (25MPH) [4EP]


Strength: 40 [2EP]


Toughness: +14 [1EP]


Features: [1EP]

Remote Control


Description and Fluff:  For a full account of the lair, see the series of news posts about its creation.


This unusual base appears to be an ancient, crash-landed alien space ship, buried almost entirely in the rocks and sand at the bottom of the Great Bay, only its upper docking hatch visible (somewhat) on the ocean floor.  Even stranger, it is alive.  Somewhere between plant and mindless animal, the enormous sanctuary resembles Leviathan himself in many ways--particularly, its surfaces mimic his thick scales--and has numerous giant organs hidden between the floors and behind walls, to both fulfill its own needs and to support the ecosystems flourishing inside. 


Wide varieties of alien life--or at least, life that seems alien--grow throughout the lair.  Plants especially cover more space than not; any given room will have multiple kinds of fruits and vegetables, all tasty and of grand health, within easy reach for anyone who wants them (well, easy reach for Leviathan; smaller guests may need a stepladder in some cases).  Also enjoying this Eden-like bounty are bright and bizarre insects, birds, and reptiles--the lines between the three blurring considerably thanks to Leviathan's modifications.  Most are small; the largest animals might reach a human's knee, and none of that size are carnivorous.  If a visitor thinks that this peaceful environment is a little too convenient, even for supposedly alien technology, given that it has had potentially thousands of years to evolve more dangerous creatures, then well, they're probably right.


As mentioned, the walls and floors are made of Leviathan's own scales.  Furniture and basic tools are bone-ivory, and when necessary, padded with sponge.  Machinery and electronics are composed of black chitin, like a beetle's shell.


The Layout:


The ship is oriented nose-up, and appears to be built for that position.  Travel from one area to another is up and down, not side to side. 


At the top entrance is the access hatch, leading to a spacious tube in which visitors are scanned by the ship's biological sensors (mostly a formality, given that the outer hatch itself shouldn't--but only shouldn't--open for anyone other than Leviathan and his pre-approved allies.  This connects to the docking bay, usually flooded when not occupied, and houses Leviathan's living submarine. 


The docking bay is the top floor for both the elevator and the four evenly-spaced spiral staircases that connect all user-accessible levels.  Leviathan can control the elevator from the ship's bridge, but he cannot seal off the stairwells, which more experienced heroes should immediately realize is a serious design flaw.


Below the docking bay are a few mostly-empty levels that currently serve little purpose.  Some areas look like they may have once been for military barracks and associated purposes, giving landing parties quick access to the ship's entrance.  The only room actively in use is Leviathan's (currently unimpressive) trophy collection.



Villainous Trophies:


Solemn the Hacker's armor and rifle.

Deep One crown


Next is the bridge, a single large area (the second biggest in the ship) full of bio-electronic equipment.  A spiral ramp dominates the room; at the top is Leviathan's primary computer, an enormous and costly thing, and below are lesser stations.  Some of them have hidden English keyboards.  Across the tall ceiling is a sky of beautiful and shifting flowers; their colors change regularly to create randomized decoration.


Under the bridge is the enormous garden area.  A waterfall cascades around the elevator in the middle, feeding interconnected pools.  Insect and reptile life is most abundant here, as well as the highest variety of edible plants.  Note that red vines and leafs usually denote alcoholic vegetation, with the exception of the clover-like carpeting.  Local animals instinctively avoid this color, which also ensures that the floor stays nicely covered, avoiding bare patches left behind by hungry eaters. 


Past this are the three habitation levels.  Closest to the top are "officer quarters," of which Leviathan claims the captain's.  The lower two floors have more, smaller rooms and dorms.  All three levels sport bathhouses--strongly resembling the ancient Roman style--as well as running tracks and gym equipment, arranged around the central elevator. 


Finally, the lowest section of the ship devotes itself to lab space, libraries, and hospital care.  These are divided into dozens of smaller rooms across four floors, specialized for all sorts of purposes, and filled with the best equipment that Leviathan could buy or build.  It is all, of course, biological and sized to his personal needs, with the exception of library materials.  These range from a few ancient scrolls (none, sadly, of particular rarity) to rows upon rows of modern texts, and electronic documents stored in the shiny beetle-black databases.  Aside from some garbled reports about Leviathan's supposed ancestors and homeland, they are all of Earthly origins.


The last full half of the ship is inaccessible, composed of long and tangled roots that feed the efficient-yet-hungry ship.  Leviathan could conceivably reach them if he had to perform repairs, but to do so, he would need to burrow through the surrounding soil. 


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