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Draft Kesteven 79

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Stellar Classification: Nebula, with a Neutron Star and companion Magentar
Number of Planets: 0

For millennia, space faring races avoided the Kesteven system, a nebula, neutron star and its magenta companion the remnants of a long-dead supernova.  But on the burned out remains of the last planet in the system, Kesteven 1, lay the ruins of the ancient civilization of the Progenitors.  During the Incursion, a group of Praetorians travelled to the system, determined to be the next target of the Communion’s wormhole weapon and discovered the last of the Progenitors, Lelak.  Both Lelak and the Praetorians fled the world when the Communion arrived, destroying the planet and creating another wormhole that was part of the network they were creating throughout the sector. 

Following the destruction of the Kesteven 1, the massive Communion mothership controlling the Communion forces in the sector relocated to the system to be near the wormhole that was now in place.  When the Coalition forces launched a daring plan to disrupt the Communion forces and strike at the mothership, a small group of heroes traveled to the system and managed to destroy the central processing core of the mothership, rendering it inert and disabling all Communion forces in the sector, bringing the Incursion to an end.

 Notable Places: Coalition Victory Station (CoVic Station) 

Status Following Incursion: Since the defeat of the Communion, the system has become an important location within the neutral zone between the major space powers.  The derelict Communion mothership has been repurposed as Coalition Victory Station, now home to millions of sentients from hundreds of species.  The presence of the central wormhole of the wormhole network being established by the Communion means the system is a central hub of trade and travel within the sector.   

Incursion: Meaning in Destruction
Incursion: Only Hope

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