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Immunity (Mental effects)


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Immunity (Mental effects) allows one to "automatically succeed on

any saving throw or ability check" versus Mental effects.

Does this also make me immune to mental senses?

I figured that's what Concealment is for, but thought it better to ask here first.

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Generally, that's what Concealment (mental) is needed for. In the event that Immunity (mental effects) is used to represent a mindless creature, I would also have it immune to some Super-Senses, mostly depending on the descriptors of the senses in question.

For example, Chase Atom's Uncanny Dodge (mental) represents his ability to read the minds of his potential attackers a fraction of a second before they attack. If there are no minds to be read, then he obviously can't read them. However, a character with mental "Spatial Awareness" would still be able to sense the mindless creatures, because the effect isn't dependent on the minds of those creatures.

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Strictly speaking, no, because you don't have to make a saving throw or ability check to avoid being sensed by someone.

Immunity makes you immune to being damaged or affected (but mostly damaged) by things. Concealment makes you immune to being detected by things.

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Thanks for the exhaustive answers, Heridfel and Dr. Archeville!

Originally I didn't even think about senses when considering Immunity (Mental) but then I started to waver a bit as I wondered regarding Immunity (Interaction skills) overriding the principle of opposed skill rolls and whether something like that might apply to mental Senses and Immunity (mental), also.

Godd to know that here it doesn't. Thanks again! :)

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