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It Started When An Alien...(OOC)


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It will take a base Dexterity check(DC15) to finagle the discarded blaster pistol into an improvised lockpick.


You can take 20, but that will leave Quantum Shift alone to face the mutated Sentry Agents.


Alternatively, you can make a DC10 Will save and DC10+power rank check to resist the Nullify and break free/liquify out of the power-dampening irons.


Or sneak away with the gun to do it somewhere less conspicuous (and lower DC)at risk of a later ambush.


Or a Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate roll to try and get one of the MJ-20 agents to break you free to fight the mutant Sentries.

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On 1/26/2017 at 3:21 AM, Ari said:

Gamer that is precisely one away from moving the Unfriendly MJ-20 agent to Friendly, so they are on the more benevolent side of Indifferent. They decide they need all the help they can get and deactivate Q-Shift's power shackles. 


Time for initiatives. The Agents: 11.

The Sentry Agents: First goes on 12Second goes on 23


Roll away, Gamer! 


Alright, Initiative: Initiative: 1d20+6 14

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