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This thread is open for anyone to post any incidents that might make the news.  For this thread, all news will be covered by Channel 3 (GBN affiliate).   Simply respond to the thread with a link to the main thread where the event occurred, Area of the city, characters mentioned, date, and time.


Thread: Link to related thread

Area: Location of main thread

Character: Name of characters mentioned

Date: Date of the news

Time: time of the news

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Main Thread: New Town, New Beginnings

Area: Southside

Character: Hammer

Date: December 19, 2016

Time: 1 pm news


"And now, time for Action News' own Amy Feng with the latest scoop on the super-powered community.  Amy?"


"Thank you, Jack." Amy Feng said as her image filled the television screen.  Behind her, a restaurant with large pane glass windows could be seen.  Yellow police tape marked over an area just in front of the main entranceway.  A group of gawkers stood  around splitting their attention between the various police officers milling about within the restaurant and the nearby camera crews.


"Here at Madden's Restaurant in the Southside area, an altercation between a small group of would be thieves and a new arrival to the city occurred.  I have with me an eye-witness to the events that unfolded."  


The camera view widen to include a young boy no older than thirteen standing next to Amy.  The wore a gray knit cap that had flaps covering his ears.  Behind him, amongst the gawkers, another boy was gesturing wildly at the camera in the hopes of getting on TV.


"Young man, in your own words, could you explain what transpired here?" Amy asked as she held the microphone lower to catch every word the boy said.


"Yeah, I can do that.  It was totally sick!  You see, I was in Madden's with my friend Toby," the boy took a moment to point out Toby in the crowd of gawkers.  "We were eating when I noticed this bald dude sitting a few tables away from us.  I told Toby that the guy looked familiar and all so I took out my phone and checked HeroHouse.com but he was on there.  That's when these six guys come barging into the place carrying machine guns and telling everybody to, like, get their money and stuff out so's they could take it.  Toby was like really scared and all.  I thought he was going to wet himself."


Amy smiled down at the boy and prompted him, "And then what happened?"


"Oh, that bald guy I thought I recognized stood up and started talking Christmas and stuff like he was some kind of hero or something.  But the guy in charge wasn't having any of it.  He just turned his gun on the bald dude and shot him! I mean, I've never seen nobody get shot before.  It ain't like Call of Duty. Some woman screamed right after the shot and the boss guy told one of his goons to take the bald dude's wallet and stuff.  right before he reached him, the bald dude reached out!  Toby thought he was some kind of zombie or some such, but I knew better.  Only people who could survive getting shot like that is a super!"


Amy tilted her head to the side, a small glint of interest in her eyes. "A super? Are you sure?  Did he identify himself?"


The boy shook his head.  "Yeah, I'm sure.  He stood up and there was, like, no blood or marks or nuthing on him.  Just a hole in his shirt where the bullet hit.  That's when the guy nearest him called that he was a super and five of the guys shot at the bald dude.  Man, they couldn't hit nuthing.  I think only one or two actually hit him, but that was all it took to piss him off.  The bald dude then said, 'Time to knock some sense inta ya -- Hammer Style'.  Just like that. And then I remembered where I knew him.  See, I've always liked watching wrestling and all and one of the wrestler would always say that.  He went by the name Hammer in TNA.  I couldn't believe it!  I thought Hammer was dead or something since he hadn't been around for the past year or so."


Amy blinked in surprise.  "A wrestler?"


"Yeah.  I know cause that's how he took out the goons.  He caught the nearest guy around the waist and flipped him onto his head!  I mean it was the coolest suplex I've ever seen.  The guy was knocked out cold!  Hammer then turned to the guy by the bathroom.  I guess that one was manhandling his woman cause Hammer went ahead and did Hammer Down on him.  That's his finishing move and it sure did finish him!  So two guys were out already.  The last four sure didn't want any part of the beating come for them so they ran.  The boss and the lookout by the door made it out quick enough but the other two weren't so lucky  One of them got HKO, Hammer's knock out move.  That's why the one table got busted up.  Hammer slammed him into it!  The last guy wet his pants after seeing that.  Hammer came over, grabbed his arm and put him in a Figure-four armlock.  All the while, Hammer was talking to him all calm and stuff.  It didn't take long before the goon was begging for the cops to arrest him."


"And when the police arrived?  Where was Hammer?" Amy asked taking a moment to look around for the hero.


"Aw, he was gone by then.  I got him to give me a autograph before he left though."  The boy held up a napkin with a short message written on it:


To Pete,

A true fan!



Pete lowered the napkin and said, "Hammer even told me to keep an eye out for him since he was going to wrestling in the UWL!"


Amy raised the and smiled down at Pete. "Thank you.  You've heard him, Jack, it looks like Freedom's got a new hero in town and unlike most, this one has a public day job."



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