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[IC] The Time is Now


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Saturday, November 19th, 2016

The Schuster Auditorium, Hanover, Freedom City

6:22 PM



It was a nice day. The sun had already set, but the temperature was still comfortably high. The fact a lot of people were standing in line also helped that fact. The front of the Schuster Auditorium, where the UWL was holding their monthly Pay-Per-View. This month’s was “Credit Carnage”, themed after money, with a variety of well-paying contracts on the line. It was more of a bridge PPV than anything, one of the few filling the time between the big ones in September and January.


In the line, Brianna Wilks. Getting tickets for the PPVs wasn’t always easy, but if one was fast enough (and she certainly was), it was possible to get pretty good seats for cheap. She waited in line like everybody else, surrounded by the average UWL crowd, most wearing merch of their favourites, some holding signs below their arms. Some went even further and dressed up fully, looking much like the costumed heroes of Freedom City.


And then, just as Brianna was about to enter the stadium, she heard screams, coming from the back of the crowd, quite some distance away. As the crowd started to push, the sound of grinding metal silenced the screams for just a second, confirming this was something that probably required Quickstrike’s interference.

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Briana quickly disengaged from the line, sidestepping out of the way of the charging crowd. An easy feat with her nimbleness.


Briana couldn't tell where the sound came from, or what caused it, but she knew she had to check it out.


"With great power, and all that....." Briana softly muttered under her breath.


Using a slight burst of her super-speed, Briana made her way into a nearby alley. Pulling the hood of her jacket up, Brianna quickly slips on her visor that she keeps with her, in case of an event like this. 


The feel of the visor on her face feels natural to the speedster. Like a jumper on a cold day.


Not knowing where the sound was exactly located, Brianna quickly ran in the general direction, deciding to cover the whole area and see what pops out.


Just another day.

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Running through the crowd was an easy task. While they were pretty close to each other, there was enough space to slip through, and Quickstrike’s powers made that easy.  Once she returned from the alley, she followed the people running away, but ran towards whatever they were running from. It was no long journey, especially not for her, but not in general.


Outside the stadium’s perimeter, a few cars stood abandoned on the streets, and people were running. Some people remained in their cars, instead sounding their horn aggressively at those running away. Continuing further down the road soon showed what had caused all of this. Within only some steps to the stadium, but still on the street, Briana saw a face she had seen before.


A Claremonter like her, one who had started attending the school earlier this year probably. She only really recognized him because of one particular feature, huge black and white feathered wings sprouting from his back. He seemed to wear a cigüeña blanca t-shirt, fitting in with the crowd still standing in line. The shirt had seen better days however, looking torn up and in some places revealing something metallic beneath.


It took only one guess to figure out why the shirt was torn, as the fellow student was currently in combat. His opponent was quite a bit taller than him and covered in white fur. His stance was nimble, and he didn’t look very bulky, as a quick glance at his hands revealed talons, much like the ones Briana had seen on dinosaurs.

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"Well, this is new." Brianna quipped to herself.


Gathering speed, she quickly grasped the White-Furred opponent around the waist, attempting to tackle him to the ground.


"Looks like you could use some help, friend." Brianna planned to have said this, but the force of her colliding with the attacker and hitting caused it to come out as. "Lo-ahhhhhh!"


Brianna skid across the ground, but held on with  all her might to this mysterious foe.


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