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Induction, Part 1

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It had been a few days since the Emissary had received another invitation to Freedom Hall. This invitation came by phone and had not details other than the time and place: Freedom Hall, Saturday 8:00 PM. The message sounded a bit more formal than the others he had received. Most notably, it didn't have the usual, "Come quickly, the city is in danger" sort of feel to it.

Now Saturday had arrived and the evening was pressing on. It was time for the Emissary to keep his appointment.

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He had rushed on through the day's paperwork, meetings, reports, and a luncheon at another consulate that he found, to be honest, faintly exasperating (he was already working on an amendment to one of his reports labeled 'Blood Pudding: Sometimes Food is Frightening' ). But he did manage to make the time in the invitation, even if he did pause before landing to do that slight tug on his uniform to make sure it was neatly arranged, settling in full before the doors of Freedom Hall.

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One of the League interns greeted the Emissary at the door.

"Mr. Emissary," he said. He was trying to look serious, but he was obviously star struck. "Please, come right in. Lady Liberty is waiting for you in the conference room."

The intern held the door open to make way for the silver hero.

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The intern led the Emissary through a maze of hallways to the 1st floor conference room. Lady Liberty was there, sitting at the table, drinking a cup of tea and scrolling through reports on a view screen. When the pair entered, Lady Liberty put down her cup and stood up.

"Emissary, welcome. Please, have a seat. Can we get you anything to drink?"

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"I am fine, thank you. Oh! Unless you have cherry flavoured cola. The bubbles and the wonderful taste offset the terror of its ingredient list."

He pulls out a chair for himself and slides back into it at that, if at that very slight and imperceptible hover, unsure if the chair is one of the reinforced ones.

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"I think we have cherry coke somewhere around here, don't we, Stuart?"

The young intern nodded. "Yes, ma'am. I'll bring one right down." The young man disappeared into the hallway.

"So, Emissary, how have you been finding your time in Freedom City lately? Been keeping busy?" Lady Liberty smiled wryly. It had been a pretty hectic time for the supers in Freedom City lately.

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"When it comes to 'interesting,'" Lady Liberty said, "Freedom City has always overachieved. But I'm glad you are find success in your mission here. And speaking of thatâ€â€"

Lady Liberty was interrupted by the return of the intern. He placed a napkin on the table in front of the Emissary and set a glass on it, filled with Cherry Coke. "Anything else?"

"No, thank you, Stuart," Lady Liberty said, and the young man excused himself. "And speaking of that," Lady Liberty continued. "How would you feel about making your cooperation with the Freedom League more permanent?"

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He blinked, and his eyes just widened for a moment afterwards, the suprise at the offer evident on his face.

"I ahm.. it was certainly something I had been speaking with my people about.. Yes! Yes, I would be delighted to."

He coughs.

"I mean, that is, I would be deeply honoured to."

A firm, more dignified nod. Then he just shakes his head and goes back to smiling giddily.

"No, I entirely more meant the part where I was too enthused to speak much coherently."

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Lady Liberty smiled. She always liked the Emissary's enthusiasm.

"Great! You still have the comm badge that Daedalus gave you? If not, we'll get Technical to bring you one. Our next League meeting is the middle of June. I'll get you a complete schedule. The entrances to the Hall and the Station are already keyed to your biometrics. Any questions?"

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"I do still have the communicator, yes. And ahm.. oh my yes, questions enough that they feel like some kind of vast raving horde all clamouring to be heard at once, so.. unless you wish to hear me babble quite extensively, I'll probably need a moment to pick out one or two."

He slides up to his feet when Lady Liberty does, taking her hand with a bright and enthusiastic grin, letting the pure joy in his gaze be his response to her.

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