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looking for help with my character

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so this is the first time i will have use 2e of M&M as I mostly use 3e so I would like feedback and some tips. For now I was I will give the fluff while I read more of the book.


(King of Thieves) ( working name) PL10


concept: so i know this is a heroes only forum but I think can make him work basically he sorta a robin hood character who steals from the rich and the corruption gives to the poor think sly cooper, nathan drake and the like he is a thief with a code of honor. the code would be never kill as anyone can kill but it's takes class and skill to hold back and other stuff like that. he not really in it for the money he see see it as a game a battle of wits, so he don't steal from the poor or the weak because to him there it to point he mainly steals items that may or may not have monetary value stuff like the big gem or the bat signal and other stuff like that things that are hard to steal and that have significance from the person he steal from that said he would steal money but only as a take that to a evil company or someone who loves money even then he would give away the money. 

Powers wise it's all tech and skill I was thinking of concealment, Illusion, morph, all form tech illusion and morph are like special effects like holograms and makeup. also i'm think of a shock cane a cane that can use as a melee weapon and it's shock on every hit. for looks if you played phoenix wright he basically looks like mask demasque with a wide brim hat with a feather and a full face mask. a noble looking coat. I was thinking of playing him siverage-ly with some ham. he would be over dramatic flashy prideful. as for drawbacks well when he going to rob someone he would have to tell them a head of time this could as subtle or as unsubtle as he want but in someway he must tell them about the heist.


I have build the king of thieves useing 3e here is a link http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=911772 please note that this build is PL11 but I can change it. 

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So what you're going to want to do is craft the background with an eye to the arc of his story being towards heroism.  Basically He can have a past as a thief and all but something has pushed him to take up a role of a hero now instead.  Now he can still use his thief skills, (This is basically what batman does if you think about it) but his goals would need to line up with at the least picking up where the law fails.  So he might break in to Archduke Von Apokalypse's secret lair to steal back the worlds nuke codes or what not but not break into a branch of even a corrupt bank to give the money therein to people they foreclosed on, instead he'd break in to find proof those foreclosures were done with false documents.


The Heel Face Turn is a perfectly fine background just make sure you build in a motivation for him to focus on improving the world or at least a part of it he cares about.

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