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New member / hero idea


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 Hi, I just joined the site and could use some opinions and advice. What I had in mind for my character was basically an 8  1/2 foot tall panda girl from another dimension, from a land very much like ancient China. She'd be classified as a low level brick / martial artist.

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It's a good rule of thumb that a character should have two of the following three.

  • Superpowers
  • A costume
  • A code name

If your martial artist has two of the three, I'm sure she can work here. The concept might require some tweaking, though.

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Greetings Sharnadale, welcome to the site.


As Rav said, that tends to be the general requirements.  Did you have more specific questions about making the concept? 

Also, feel free to drop into the chat to ask any questions you might have.  Can be a more effective way of getting feedback.

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Hello, Sharnadale. Welcome to the site. 


While the idea of an extradimensional martial artist has legs, we at FCPbP try to stay away from "anthro" character concepts. We'll accept characters with animal-like qualities; as we are a site with roots in comic book superheroes, we can accept people trying to emulate characters like Beast, Sasquatch, and Tigra. Having a character who is 100% an anthropomorphic animal, however, is somewhat out of genre. 


As this site does have a history of bear-shifters, however, we might accept somebody who adopts the totem of the mighty panda. Gentle, docile, but ferocious when angered. 

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 Actually someone I talked to early this morning told me some people ruined furries for everyone, which was a main concern. She's about as much of a furry as Marvel's Tigra though. She's basically a cross-breed between a human and a race of panda-men, and looks like a large girl with panda-like fur.

 If that's going to be a problem though I'll come up with something else.

 I would like to discuss it in chat when I can, but I'm usually on late night/early morning. I'll try to be on earlier in the next couple of days.

 Anyway, here's the pic I had commissioned a few years ago.Pandagurl.jpg


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