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Several times, in perusing parts of these Forums, I have run across the "We don't condone or support vigilantism" phrase.
Do you mean at all? Or just in Real Life? Because, that would mean that in-game every hero and every team would require some sort of police authorization before facing, pursuing, or combating any unproven suspects. Is that what you're saying?

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It's more about passing judgement/sentencing on a criminal. The PCs may investigate a crime, but a hero isn't going to pass a conviction and a sentence in the course of a story (though I suppose if a hero is a judge...). It's also an easy way to differentiate our definitely-don't-kill heroes with folks like the Punisher/Silencer who very much do kill; the latter are vigilantes. (It's notable that, in the world of Freedom City, there explicitly laws allowing this sort of extra-legal, costumed crimefighting as long as no one dies.)

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Well it's kinda both.  We obviously don't condone RL vigilantism as it's pretty terrible.  


For make believe times though the meaning is a little different as Raveled explained above.  We often use vigilante to describe the kinds of comic heroes we don't allow, like punisher, deadpool, Lobo, (Some renditions of Batman in film), etc.

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