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Abilities: 0 + 10 + 0 + 4 + 8 + 2 = 24PP
STR: 6/26 (-2/+8)
DEX: 20 (+5)
CON: 10 (+0)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 18 (+4)
CHA: 12 (+1)



Combat: 6 + 8 = 14PP
Initiative: +13

Attack: +3 Melee, +3 Ranged, +4 Small Size, +7 Enhanced Attack, +9 Energy Sword, +15 Blaster
Grapple: -3/+17

Defense: +5/+10 (+4 Base, +1 Shrinking, -1 Growth, +6 Enhanced Dodge Focus), +2 Flat Footed
Knockback: +1/-10


Saves: 1 + 2 +4 = 7PP
TOU: -1/+10 (+0/+2 Con, -1 [Shrinking], +3 [Density], +6 [Protection], 7 Impervious)
FORT: +1/+7 (+0/+2 Con, +1/+5)
REF: +7/+10 (+5 Ref, +2/+5)
WILL: +8 (+4 Wis, +4)


Skills: 52R = 13PP
Computers 5 (+7)
Concentration 8 (+12)
Craft [Electronic] 4 (+6)
Craft [Mechanical] 2 (+4)
Investigate 4 (+6)
Notice 8 (+10)
Pilot 12 (+17)
Search 5 (+7)
Sense Motive 6 (+10)



Feats: 5PP
Benefit 2 (Rich)
Fast Over-run
Improved Disarm


Powers: 6 + 81 = 87PP


Shrinking 4 (Small Size, -4 Strength, -1 Toughness, +1 Atk, +1 Def, -4 Grapple, +4 Stealth, -2 Intimidation, 2ft height, 8lbs, 5ft Space, 5ft Reach, x3/4 Carrying Capacity, Extras: Duration[Continuous], Flaws: Permanent, Feats: Innate, Normal Movement)  [6PP]


Battlesuit 20 (100PP Device; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose, Power Feats: Restricted[Small Sized Users]) [81PP]


Density 6 (+12 Strength, Impervious Protection 3, Immovable 2, Super-Strength 2 [Effective Strength 36, Heavy Load 360lbs], x10 weight[600lbs], Extras: Duration[Continuous], Flaws: Permanent) + Growth 4 (Medium Size, +8 Strength, +4 Constitution, -1 Atk, -1 Def, +4 Grapple, -4 Stealth, +2 Intimidation, 6ft, 60lbs, 5ft Space, 5ft Reach, x1 Carrying Capacity, Exras: Duration[Continuous], Flaws: Permanent) + Protection 6 (Extras: Impervious 4) [18 + 12 + 10 = 40PP] (Battlesuit Structure)


Enhanced Attack 4 + Enhanced Dodge Focus 6 + Enhanced Fortitude 4 + Enhanced Reflex 3 [8 + 6 + 4 + 3 = 21PP]


Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]


Space Travel 2 (Interplanetary) [2PP]


Weapons Array 6.5 (13PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [14PP]

BP: Damage 3 (0-5ft; Extras: Linked[Drain], Feats: Accurate, Extended Reach, Mighty) + Drain Toughness 11 (Extras: Affects Objects, Linked[Damage], Flaws: Limited to Objects, Unreliable, Feats: Slow Fade[1PP per Minute]) [6 + 7 = 13PP] (Energy Sword)

AP: Blast 5 (75-300ft, 125-500ft as a Full Round Action; Flaws: Action[Full Round Action] 2, Feats: Accurate 4, Improved Range) [13PP] (Energy Blaster)


Movement Array 4 (8PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [9PP]

BP: Flight 4 (100mph/1'000ft per Move Action) [8PP]

AP: Speed 2 (25mph/250ft per Move Action) + Super-Movement 3  (Slow Fall, Wall Crawling 2[Normal Speed]) (2 + 6 = 8PP)


Sensors Array 2 (4PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [5PP]

BP: Communication 4 (Radio, 1 mile) [4PP]

AP: Super-Senses 4 (Visual, Extended 2, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Drawback: Action[Move Action]) [4PP]




Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP



DC Block:

ATTACK                            RANGE      SAVE               EFFECT
Unarmed                           Melee      DC13 Toughness     Damage (Physical)

Unarmed (Battlesuit)              Melee      DC23 Toughness     Damage (Physical)
Energy Sword (Damage + Drain)     Melee      DC26 Toughness     Damage (Energy)
                                             DC21 Fortitude     Drain (Toughness)
Energy Blaster (Damage)           Ranged     DC18 Toughness     Damage (Energy)
Energy Blaster (Damage)           Ranged     DC20 Toughness     Damage (Energy)


Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (7) + Skills (13) + Feats (5) + Powers (87) - Drawbacks (0) = 63/150

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I took the liberty of using standard site formating on your sheet's crunch, and while I was at it, i made some changes so that the sheet would hit its caps (Offensively and defensively).


A few things to note:

  • Innate Permanent Shrinking plays wonkily with Devices. Your Device is NOT assumed to be medium sized, as you bought it for a character with innate Shrinking. They'd need to buy Growth inside the Device, and also restrict the Device to characters their size category.
  • As such, a heavy reworking was required, both inside the Device and outside. I scalled back the shrinking to only 4 ranks, so that the cost wouldn't be exorbitant.
  • Shrinking, Growth, and Density, are all Sustained Powers, and are thus ineligible for the Permanent Flaw. You need to buy their Duration up to Continuous, in order to buy Permanent for them (for a total +0 modifier). So 9 times out of 10, don't expect Permanent to save you PPs.
  • I had to do a thing with the Blast power, where I bought 2 ranks of the Action[Full Round Action] flaw. What this does for your power is this: You can use Blast 3 as you would normally, as a standard action, OR, you can use Blast 5, as a full round action.
  • Extended Reach allows you to hit foes at 5ft away from you, without wasting your move action to elongate your weapon.
  • Overall, you may notice that I scalled down quite a lot of things. That's because the concept you chose is very expensive for a PL10 budget, and in fact, if I had stayed more true to the original concept, you'd be over the PP budget by quite a margin. Given that you'll be fighting most of your fights inside the armor, and aren't equipped to fight outside it, you should seriously consider how much you need the shrinking power, and if you preferred to just have a Large Battlesuit instead (saving you 6 PPs in the process).
  • If so, you may also find that 20 Dexterity outside of your device is a bit overkill, as well. Scalling it down to 14 Dexterity should free you up 6PPs more, for a total of 12PPs / 3 Device Ranks / +15PPs to spend inside your Battlesuit ;)
  • Also, don't be affraid to completely ax stuff like Space Travel and Immunity, if only temporarily. You could always add them up at a later point, once you've accumulated a few PPs from playing with the character!
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Ra-Endome, Vahn's notes are all pretty much spot on.  His build is a good one as well, trying to get to what you want within the budget you have.  We can make some adjustments as needed.


Regarding the Hulking Brute's character sheet, I am afraid that only proves Green Ronin is pretty sloppy in making their sample builds and following their own rules.  Both the Core book and Ultimate Power (which is what we focus on for powers and their extras/flaws) are both clear that Permanent can only be applied to a power that is Continuous, so if a power is not Continuous, it must be bought to that before you can apply Permanent.

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....  I'm finding it difficult to deal with the idea that if I create a non-combat focused character, I am criticized for making something that does not fit the combat caps for

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The idea is to create a character who meets their caps exactly right, while also staying within the budget of the character slot you are using. Not above them, but neither bellow them. You COULD make a PL7 character with your PL10 slot, which would free you up to meet PL7 caps (+7 attack/damage and defense/toughness without tradeoffs, average of +5 with non-Toughness saves) instead of PL10 caps (+10 attack/damage and defense/toughness without tradeoffs, average of +8 with non-Toughness saves). But you'd have to make clear that THAT'S what you're doing, and stick closely to the guidelines for making a PL7 character. You'd still be using 150PPs to build your character, but their abilities would have to be capped at PL7.


Now, as far as your build.


Abilities: Notate your Strength correctly, including the bonus of from Density

  • STR: 10/1/16 (+0/-2/+3)



Can you explain to me the numbers on Defense?

  • Defense: 13/ 17/ 18/ 22 = 10 +3 Def Bonus, +4 Dim Size, +5 Dodge Bonus (+1 Base, +4 Enhanced Dodge Focus),

Also, do note that +12 defense (for a total of 22 defense) with 10 toughness breaks PL10 caps. you can have +12 defense with +8 toughness, +11 defense with +9 toughness, +10 defense with +10 toughness, etc.



Saves: No comment here


Skills: No comment here


Feats: No comment here.



  • Shrinking - As per the house rules, Action is a valid flaw. Unreliable, though, is not, UNLESS you have to roll for every turn. I'm not saying you can't have it, just making sure you're aware of the implications (which i feel you are, but let me just make sure at any rate :P )
  • Battlesuit - No problem here as well. Just remember that your suit is dimunitive sized. If you're cool with that, proceed! :) Do note four things, in particular, though:
  1. Special Effect: This sounds like a prime canditate for the Feature power.
  2. Protection: Add 4 after Impervious, to make clear that you've only bought 4 ranks of it.
  3. Damage: The Accurate Power Feat adds a flat +2 bonus on your attack roll, making your attack with the Energy Sword +13, instead of +11. Perhaps you'd rather use the Mighty power feat, which adds your Strenght (including Density Strenght) on your Damage with melee attacks, instead? Also, do note that even doing so, your power is severely undercapped.
  4. Blast: Y ou should be aware that your Power is undercapped. Substituting Improved Range with the Accurate power feat should solve that neatly (making your Blast Attack +13 instead).


Drawbacks: No comment here.


DC Block: Make sure to do the following changes

  • Unarmed (Battlesuit)                             Melee            DC22 Tou                        Damage (Physical)
  • Energy Sword (Damage                          Melee            DC20 Tou                        Damage (Energy) // Supposing you swapped Mighty. Otherwise, ignore this.


Also, make sure to include your weapon equipment on the DC Block.




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Ra-Endome, I am certainly sorry if you feel I have been criticizing you, that certainly has not been my intention, and I am sure it has not been Vahn's either. 

One reason we ask characters to hit their PL caps is that we have found that those that tend to not be too successful here.  It is also important for GMs that might run threads for your character. 

Vahn had a pretty good design for you, but if you want to change it, that is entirely up to you, it is your character after all.  He points out some issues with what you have, so here are a couple others I see.
On the defense, it looks to me like you no longer have a 3 BDB (as you are only spending 6 points in combat, which would be your BAB).  BAB and BDB both cost 2 pp.  So you have +4 for your size +4 Enhanced Dodge Bonus for a total of +8.  Again, you need to have some base defense bought.  Also, I would not bother listing you defense when using total defense, it is situational (and rare, so no need).

Also, no need to list your attack bonus when using Improved Aim/Aim (and even though your attack bonuses get very high with it, it does not auto-hit, as rolling natural 1 is still a miss).

I have to say, putting 20 points into equipment is not the best use of your pp.  For one thing, all those various weapons/pepper spray can be put into an array, which will save you a ton of points.  For the motorcycle, Masterwork does not really add anything to it, you should just stat out the motorcycle (and adding more points allows you to add features/powers). 

One note on the Sniper Rifle, heroes on our site do not use deadly force against enemies, save for certain targets (undead, robots, etc).  Generally we tend to frown on characters running around with firearms.  Those we have allowed them tend to have non-lethal ammo in them (like stun rounds or something). 

For your super senses, if you want to have awareness/detect super senses, you need to look at our house rules on them, they do not cost just 1pp, but the price varies depending on the frequency of what you your awareness/detect picks up.  What do you expect Emotional Awareness to provide for you?  So you can sense emotion?  If you are wanting to be able to figure out what a person's emotions are, that is just ranks of Improved Skill (Sense Motive).  Similarly, what do you expect Targeting Awareness to provide? 

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18 minutes ago, Ra-endome said:

" Improved Aim/Aim (and even though your attack bonuses get very high with it, it does not auto-hit, as rolling natural 1 is still a miss). "


Mutants and Masterminds, 2E, page 154, Aim "If you aim to hit an immobile object, you hit automatically with a melee attack...", I admit I didn't rem that the bonus for immobile object when ranged was only +4 (+8 if Improved). 


But most of the time you're not going to be attacking immobile targets.

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Really? So when I want to use my Energy-Sword to cut a hole in a door big enough for each group member to get thru, I should just roll it because no-one remembers that I don't have to? Or, say most of the group is backed into a corner by a BBM five stories below, but I have a chance to cut the corner off of a building in such a way that it will slide down and then fall on it. I understand that I'll have to roll with the improvised weapon, but I should have to roll twice or thrice to get it done?

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from Tiny Titan:

Powers: 71 pp


Flight 2 (25 MPH) (PF: Subtle) [5 pp]

Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9 pp]

Protection 5 [5 pp]

Shrinking 12 (PFs: Normal Movement, Normal Toughness) [14 pp]

Super-Senses 7 (Darkvision, [7 pp]


from Redline Above:
Powers : 4 + 64 = 70 PP ..........................((The difference is 1 point.))

Shrinking 12 Dim Size, -12 Strength, -3 Toughness, +4 Atk, +4 Def, -12 Grapple, +12 Stealth, -6 Intimidation, 6 inch height, 1/4 lbs, 1ft Space, 0ft Reach, x1/4 Carrying Capacity, Flaws: Action: Standard (-2), Feats: Normal Movement; Power Drawback = Full Power only)  [4PP]
| Battlesuit  16 (81 PP Device; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose, Power Feats: Restricted[Diminuative | Sized Users]) [65 PP]

| Density 9 (+18 Strength, Impervious Protection 4, Immovable 3, Super-Strength 3

| [Effective Strength 21, Heavy Load 115lbs], x10 weight [2.5lbs],
|                            Extras: Duration[Continuous], Flaws:Permanent)
|          + Protection 4 (Extras: Impervious 4) [27 +  8 = 35PP]
|                           (Battlesuit Structure)

| Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]


| Quick Change [1PP]

| Space Travel 2 (Interplanetary) [2PP]

| Weapons Array 7.5 (15PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [16PP]
| BP: Damage 2 (0-5ft; Extras: Linked[Drain], Feats: Accurate, Extended Reach)
|         + Drain Toughness 5 (Extras: Affects Objects, Linked[Damage], Feats: Slow

|              Fade[1PP per Minute]) [4 + 11 = 15PP] (Energy Sword)

| AP: Blast 7 (175' no penalty, max range = 1750'; Feats: Improved Range) [15PP]|                            (Energy Blaster)

| Movement Array 4 (8PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [9PP]
| BP: Flight 4 (100mph/1'000ft per Move Action) [8PP]
| AP: Super-Movement 2  (Slow Fall, Wall Crawling [1/2 Normal Speed]) (4PP)

| Sensors Array 2 (7PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [9PP]

| BP:Super-Senses 7 (Infravision, Extras: Linked [Emotional Awareness],

|                                                   Linked[Targeting Awareness];Tracking)
|       (Emotional Awareness, Extra: Linked [Infravision] (V Com) [3PP]
|       (Targeting Awareness, Extra: Linked [Infravision] (V Com) [3PP]

| AP: Communication 4 (Radio, 1 mile; with Full Round Action, 20 miles) [5PP]
| AP: Super-Senses 4 (Visual, Extended 2, Direction Sense, Distance Sense) [4PP]



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2 hours ago, Ra-endome said:

Did you ever see the movie The Wolfen? Or read The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real?
In visible light, there is one octave of colors. In Infrared light, there are 17 octaves of colors. Beings who can see Infrared can perceive these colors, and analyze them, being able to analyze what emotions the target being is feeling by the patterns of heat flowing across his/ her face. Unlike Sense Motive, the result is very exact and reliable. Similarly, when animals focus their eyes on a target, a tiny amount of light is reflected from the back of their eyeballs to minimally heat-up the target-spot. That minimally heated spot should be detectable for any being that can see in the Infrared. Or at least, it should be buyable.
....The Wolfen's ability to analyze their target being's emotions by looking at their faces was intense enough that they could launch a counter-attack while the target being had just decided to attack.


So, for the Emotional Awareness/Detect, that is Very Common (3 pp), but that just gives you the ability to detect/be aware of emotions.  To actually be able to analyze the emotions, you need to add Analytical for another pp.


Still not entirely clear on the Targeting Awareness super-sense.  If you mean something that allows you to be aware of incoming danger, that is probably Danger Sense (1 PP) or Uncanny Dodge (1 pp) or both.  If you mean something that will allow you to attack an enemy before they attack you, no super sense will allow you to act out of initiative in a combat round.



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