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[IC] Free Agency


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Monday, July 11th 2016


AEGIS Headquarters, City Center, Freedom City


8:21 AM


A Monday morning. Nobody likes Monday mornings. Not even the men and women at AEGIS. No matter how much they liked their job, they also liked sleeping, and Monday mornings generally didn’t allow for the latter, even more so when employed by the American Elite Government Intervention Service. At least, that was usually the case. It did not always apply, especially for the people working in the less public Headquarters, down below Federal Building. Here, many people were working tirelessly, shifts upon shifts, 24 hours, 7 days a week.


A few hours ago Field Agent Yves Zermeño had gotten a call by the agency. Early, on a Monday morning. That usually meant something urgent. While the caller had refused to talk about details on the phone, he had sounded rather calm. Which already set off some alarms. AEGIS would not call at 5 AM on a Monday if the matter was something that had time.


Yves had just arrived on the floor she had been summoned too. She’d been here a few minutes too early, her handler for the mission would only arrive in a few minutes.



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Yves adjusted the AEGIS badge on her waistline.  To an outside observer it may have appeared as a nervous tic.  However, the silent freedrone was far from the anxious type.  The action was spurred from an entirely different thought process.  A desire for control.  As any AEGIS agent, Yves knew how to tow the line and follow orders.  But, that didn't eliminate the innate desire for a semblance of control in uncontrollable circumstances.  Circumstances such as having to wait on yet another handler who did not value punctuality.


Pressing her back against a nearby wall, the petite woman simply stood there silently.  Not uttering a single word.  Her only movement was the occasional draping of her digits pressing against the comforting feel of metal against her waistline every few minutes.

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A few minutes passed without anything of notice happening. A few people walked further down the corridor, occasionally stopping to greet Yves and possibly exchange a few words, but other than that, nothing. And then finally, a young woman walked up to Yves. She was wearing the standard AEGIS outfit, sunglasses sticking out of one of her pockets, her black hair was cut short. She was rather tall, she’d still fit into a crowd, but certainly was above the average. She began speaking, her voice soft and quiet.


“Field Agent Zermeño? Pleased to make your aquaintance. I’m Agent Jennifer Gold, I’m the handler assigned to this mission. Excuse the delay, I had to deal with some last minute bureaucracy regarding what’s coming up. But, for now, let’s move into the meeting room. “


Said room was fortunately located only a few steps away. It was a standard fare meeting room. These were more common above, in the Federal Building, but especially matters regarding higher degrees of security were usually handled down in the underground complex. These rooms could fit quite a few people, but for now the two agents were alone. A presenatation had already been set up to show on the screen. It showed a stylized text, L|&|E , held in mute colours. As soon as Yves had taken a seat, Agent Gold began speaking.


“Langley and Erikson International. They’re a medium size company operating all around the globe. They do a lot of mining, primarily down in Botswana. Diamonds, Coal, Bauxite. Ship their own goods too. And, let’s just say their methods haven’t been complimented by human – and worker’s rights organizations.  


“Now, that wouldn’t be something we involve ourselves in. But, there’s been some uncomfortable rumours recently. And we believe we have managed to find the core of truth of them.  You were assigned to this mission because of your past experiences. We believe their might be some degree of mind-altering involved. “

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It had been quite early on a Monday morning when Sebastian Black had received a call. A call by his employer, the American Elite Government Intervention Service. Naturally, getting up early was no problem for him, not when it was AEGIS that called. The call itself had been rather short. A few sentences, telling him to arrive at the Headquarters a few hours earlier than usually. Why did he have to be there at 6 AM? One could only wonder.


Either way, so it was. At 6 AM, before the building’s main doors would even open, Agent Black had arrived at the Federal Building, using a specific entrance to then get to the lower floors of AEGIS Headquarters. There, he had been told to wait. There had been a delay, and now he had arrived too early. It would take some time until his presence would be required. He’d have to be back two hours later.


And, two hours later, back he was. The order still was to wait, but not for long. According to the area’s secretary it would hopefully not take longer than a few more minutes before Black would be told what all of this was about. Clearly, it wasn’t everyday affairs.

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