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Wander/Midnight Wedding Open Vignette Thread

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Hey all, it's finally that time! After five years of dating and a yearlong engagement, Erin White and Trevor Hunter are finally tying the knot! We're trying out a new style of thread for the big event, an open vignette-style storytelling, so that everybody can write their own little tale for part of the day and post it, then at the end we'll put everything in order to tell the story of the wedding. Full details and the structure of the day are in the first post of the thread. 


This thread is open to any character, though obviously only characters who have reason to attend the wedding should be written as attending. Other characters can be written as defending the city while many of its heroes are taking the night off. If you have any questions, feel free to tag Electra in chat, or post it to the Campaign Discussion thread. 


Here's the link to the thread: 

With Lovers and Friends I Still Can Recall

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Right, so! Trying to talk out some plans here for my benefit as much as anything. Writing it out in the thread because there's a lot! 

I'm going to organize this by character because that's probably easiest for my own thought patterns.



-Least directly involved. "Fighting crime so others don't have to" sounds up his alley. Maybe he could help with the traffic jam thing?



-Duncan Summers, Raven I, is performing the wedding. Callie Summers, the Raven II, is Nevermore's boss. There's gotta be something we can do here. Maybe I could work with a Ref to have Raven II in the post(s), perhaps she's heartsick about Magpie or something? Generally speaking he strikes me as a "keep crime away from the wedding" person, but he has worked some with Midnight/Trevor, and I already outlined his connection to the guy running the wedding.



-I was thinking about maybe he could be a musician in the reception? And he foils a bad guy using his powers, without missing a beat of music being played. But boy is that a task!

-Before that he could possibly be doing preventative hero work?


Cobalt Templar

-He's obviously attending the whole time.

-I was thinking about him having carved some stone pillars for decorations or flower pots or something? And maybe the small "stage" area the bride, groom, and minister will be standing on?

-Shenanigans or shenanigan prevention throughout.

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Blue Jay would be downright honored to protect the wedding of the Brave and the... Can't remember what Midnighter's title was. Miras is likely Cannonade's +1, or could be DJing. Not sure how any of my other PCs could be involved in this.

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