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[Infomation] Font Color


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A lot of us like to use colored text to highlight speech and other things in our posts. If you do, however, please keep in mind that our site has four templates, two of which are very "dark" and two of which are very "light." If you set no text color, the template automatically sets your text color to the default which is appropriate for the template. If, however, you select a text color manually, your text will appear that color in all the templates. As a result, some colored text is very difficult to read in some templates.

For example: In the Freedom theme the default text is white, but say I want to change the color of my text to something just a little different to make speech stand out . . . so I change it to off-white. Well now the text will show up off-white in all themes and will be nearly impossible to read for those who use the subSilver2 and proSilver themes.

All of this is just FYI. You are free to color your text however you like, but do keep in mind other users and the other templates.

Also, if you are having trouble reading colored text in your template, simply highlight the text with your mouse. That should "inverse" the color scheme and make the text easy to read.

Thanks for all the great posts!

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I know I certainly use colored fonts in my posts.

This is Dr. Archeville's Good/Kind side.

And this is his Dark/Evil side.

Und zhis is vhat I use for vhen Archeville is speaking.

That's not a problem for anyone, is it? I know everyone's monitor is slightly different.

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