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Hear our call and remember, kin! 


When great Lemuria sank, the ancestors sank to the depths below and left us here in the shallow waters! 


When the Father and his children abandoned us, we called upon all the gods of all the Heavens above!


We called upon the gods of the sea! But cruel Poseidon laughed and delivered us to the foul Atlanteans! 


We called upon the gods of the river! And fair Heqet extended her hand! But the Eye of Ra turned upon us, pitless as the sun, and we fled into the darkness below. 


We called upon the gods of the tree! But furious Donar hurled his lightning to burn our flesh! 


We called upon the gods of the promised land! And great Dagon heard our prayer! Dagon of the fields! Dagon of the sea! 


He came among us with mighty signs and promises! He came among us in the style of our people! He pledged that he would be our true god if we were his true children! 


Remember Mother Hydra! Hydra of the fair skin and pleasing eye, Hydra of the bellow like thunder and the many children! 


Mother Hydra gave us the knife and the venom! Mother Hydra gave us the forge and the ink! 


Father Dagon and Mother Hydra birthed a new people in those nights! 


Remember always the teachings of Dagon and Hydra!  


Through the blood of sacrifice, we are made whole! Through the pain of sacrifice, we will be redeemed! Through Dagon and Hydra, we will be free!


We are the children of the Ones Above and the Ones Below. The land is ours! The sea is ours! All was taken from us by the foe!They are cruel! They are foul! Their lips are red with the stolen blood of our children! There will be vengeance for what we have lost!


We are not the forgotten children of dead gods! 




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