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Character Building without a copy of M&M

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That can make it pretty hard.  One option is to look at some of the sample characters out there.

Here are a number of sample character builds for some core archetypes.  If there is one that interests you, we would certainly be happy to help in making any tweaks to fit what you want. 


There are also a lot of other sample characters in some of the Character Building threads that are set up for people to be able to use as a core template to work off of.

Hop into chat to ask any questions you might have.

And welcome to the site!

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One thing to consider is this.

It is the System Reference Document for the 3rd Edition of Mutants and Masterminds.  While, we use 2e the essentials for 3e are the same and a player that understands both versions can help you build backwards from 3e to 2e.  I keep meaning to build a 2e SRD.


As Thev said there's plenty of builds around to look at, and you can ask questions in Chat (or here, but you'll get more immediate responses in Chat).

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Interested in trying to make a hero similar to that of "Metamorpho" from the DC universe. 


I was thinking of the following Powers:

1.  (Alternate Forms: Gas, Solid, Liquid)

2.  (Object Mimicry)


Throw in some Strength/Immunity/Regeneration to complete everything. 

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