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Cape of Cthulhu


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Hi everybody, 


As you may know I have become quite into Lovecraft (his stories and RPGs). I am casting around if anybody would like to do a Superhero/CoC mashup, using an alt (say PL 8) version of their PC set in Lovecraft-alt universe (1920s Freedom City). 


If you are interested, can commit to (reasonably frequent posting, and don't mind (or, preferably, want to) exploring the juxtaposition of powerful superhero (compared to humanity as a whole) with being, on balance, pretty helpless against the horrors of the elder gods, then please sign up!


I have some basic ideas about how to mimic Sanity and so on in M&M, which is kind of necessary for this kind of thing, but it will still be M&M, still be Freedom City (albeit in an alt universe / different era), and still be (sort of!) Superheroes (more Golden Age style, but still!). Will be using a lot of CoC type stuff though (dread texts, creeping insanity, sort of detective type focus). 


Insane superheroes kind of interests me!


Looking for 2-3 players. 

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interesting. How much would you be embracing the tropes of the pulps vs. the tropes of superheroes? I think an alternate version of Blue Jay, where she's a rifle-wielding fur trapper's daughter, could have traction, but it would be a bit bloodthirsty for your standard superhero game.

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