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41 Moulton Avenue, Doncaster, United Kingdom

22nd November 2015


Every child was a genetic lottery and even when engineered you could never tell what you would get. And even with the magical science of the Lyudi Gory, Klara’s people, each child was and wonder and a surprise to their parents. And today one of Klara children had a surprise in store for her and Tracy.


With Klara back from the States for a couple of days it had been decided that the Mathes clan would gather for the great tradition of Sunday Roast. Whilst the two eldest were already her the youngest hadn’t yet arrived and the meal, that Klara had been working on all morning, was almost ready.


“I’m telling you that there’s something going on with our Alexis.” Tracy only dared to invade Klara’s busy kitchen to uncork a bottle of wine


“And did you finely honed spy skills tell you this?” Klara added with a laugh running her kitchen like a finely honed military operation

“And you can’t tell? Good job I only married you for you good looks.” raising up on tiptoes she planted a kiss on Klara’s cheek”You keep on with Operation Feed the Family whilst I ply my other daughters with wine to tasty gossip.”

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Alexis Matthews


Like her sister Alexis had been raised to be confident in who they were, it was almost impossible not to be otherwise with a parent Klara. Whilst not as tall as Klara she still was on the tall side, the shortest of the three daughter at only 6ft, and with her family's exotic looks she had no choice but to embrace who she was. It didn’t make it easy in her chosen career as an actor, but she’d also inherited her parent’s stubborn streak.


But at the front door she gave pause at a moment of nerves, looking back at figure sitting nervously in her car. Would they like them? And what would happen if they didn’t?

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Claire Matthews


Maybe it was because she was had an almost amazonian physique but the eldest of the Matthew’s children was the most girly girl of the three daughters, she also inherited a rather wicked sense of humour from Tracy. So Alexis’s heart sank when it was her that answered the front door.


“You late! I’m surprised our mum’s haven’t called Vanguard out yet...” she paused when she saw the person sitting in Alexi’s car “Now this could be interesting.” Claire had a rather wicked smile on her face


“Mama Klara Alexis had bought a guest to dinner, though they seem to be scared to come in!”

The eldest of the Matthews children ignored the rather evil stare of her youngest sister.

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Klara Mathews


The occupant of the car was so busy trying to work up the nerve to leave the car that they didn’t notice someone coming from the house until the driver side door opened and someone got in, it would have to be her they sent. Instead of sounding angry the speaker was actually rather gentle, and much to their surprise with any trace of an accent.


“So you are the secret my Alexis had been keeping? I guess this means you are more that friends?”


The figure could only meekly nod, a little afraid of what would happen next.

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Sam Trevor


Ever since Alexis had told her who her mother was Sam had dreaded having to meet the woman. Though she hadn’t been active for decades Sam hadn’t had to do much digging to find out about the woman and her exploits during the Second World War. It hadn’t taken much more digging to find out about her lifestyle choices, the papers occasional would talk about her and her family especially last year when she’d married Tracy.


She was an honest to god Amazon, a warrior who could have snapped poor Sam like a twiglet.


And Sam was pretty sure that she wouldn’t approve of him dating her daughter.

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The Matthew Daughters.


“In my official capacity I think he’s going to explode.” Claire teased rather gleefully as she peered through the curtains


“You know he’ll be fine. Mama gave us all the talk when when reached puberty.” the middle daughter Lucy was the more serious and practical of the three


“I know but she saying and doing are two different things.” Alexis was sat glaring at Claire, whilst at the same time trying to sink into the seat with embarrassment


“Did you think Mama would lose her temper? Like that old Russian relic she fell out with last month?”


“Well no... well maybe! You saw what she did to the table, it was all over the Internet...”


“I wonder what the two of them are saying?”

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Klara Mathew


“I assume you’ve heard the stories and myths about my kind? How we are all man-haters that wanted nothing to do with them, and would kill any that strayed into our lands. How any male born would be left to die unloved by their mothers.” she made a scoffing sound “Those Greeks had some very strange idea’s and should have looked at problems closer to home, though they were better than the Romans...”


She looked at the scared young man and gave him a friendly little smile.


“Whilst there is a tradition in my family of female warriors not all of my relatives are women, I have a multitude of them in various choose of gender. My home has long been a place where people are encouraged to be who they wish to be.” a note of sadness entered her voice “Though they choose not to help those around them, nowhere is I’m afraid a Utopia.” she gave a sad little laugh at her own joke


“Now could we go into the house now? Car’s aren’t really built for someone of my height, and I’m sure my other daughters are dying to meet you.”

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Sam Trevor


Whilst he wasn’t sure what to expect from the Klara he wasn’t expecting this at all. She seemed so much like well a mum, a 7ft tall woman who could probably easily lift the car they were in, but a mum nethertheless. He let out a breath that he hadn’t realised he’d been holding.


“Sure I’d like that Mrs Matthews.”


“Please call me Klara. Oh and one thing?”


“What's that Mrs... I mean Klara?”


“If you break my little babies heart I will find you and rip your arms off.”

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Tracy Matthews


Tracy had gotten to know Klara well over all the time they’d been together and knew more or less how’d she’d react to the news, though she’d watched the scene unfold just in case. And what her daughter would do whilst the meeting was taking place. Which was why until now she’d been happy to stay out of the way in the kitchen, the bottle of wine helped in the wait.


“You lot hop to it, table needs laying.” she was happy to see the girl react as soon as they’d hear her voice, Claire even trying to sheeply look like she hadn’t just been watching through the window. Klara might have been the superhero but she was more than capable of looking after herself and keeping the kids in line.

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Sam & Klara


With a little more confidence and not fearing for his life, at least not yet, Sam asked the one question that had been bugging him since he’d learned about Klara.    


“Why did you give it all up? I mean being a cape and all.”


Klara didn’t hesitate and answered with a wistful smile.


“You have obviously met one of my babies, well that’s why I gave it all up to raise her. And I have two other wonder children and a wife.” she leant in and whispered “Not to say that I didn’t miss it sometimes.”


“Is that why you going back to become a hero?”


“Sadly no.” she hung her head “There are people who don’t like what I and what I embody, so I must stand up for those like me and say that we will not be silenced.”


She paused and open the door for the young man.


“But this is not the time for serious things, we are here to celebrate family.”

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