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Sky Crime! (OOC)


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So, that's activating Mirror Images (Concealment effect) as a free action for 50% concealment, and then a firing of Blinding Beam at 20' diameter down the hall.  Dazzle (Visual): 6, and Stun: 6, for a Reflex Save DC 16 and a Fort Save DC 16.  Initial Reflex Save DC 16 reduces the first two to a DC of 13.

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Mad Scientist, on next edit-round it might be a good idea to put a mention that Mirror Images is, in fact, a Concealment effect. I thought it was an Illusion!

Anyway, let's get those rolls. Doing this as an aggregate because of the thing I mentioned in the PM.

Reflex: 24 Fortitudes: v. Dazzle 10 v. Stun 25

They can't see where they're shooting, but they can still shoot. GM Fiating (+1HP) that the barrage misses Cerulean but blasts open the wall behind her, the difference in pressure hurling her out of the airship and into empty air!

GM post forthcoming.

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They can't beat that without a natural 20, so ruling they succeed. +1 HP(+3 so far) to Cerulean for helping prevent a panic.

Gather Information result: Sky Lord is a military villain with vast resources at his command. He uses older technology, like the previous Sky Lord did. Sky Lord wants to conquer the world with his army and return society to the values it held in previous generations. Sky Lord is an old man, and tends to let his minions and machines do the fighting for him because of his poor health. The technology Sky Lord and his minions use is nowhere near as primitive as it looks.


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Well Cerulean is Immune to Light Effects, and the thingy here is a Light-based effect (stimulating appropriate centres of the brain with wavelengths to cause unconsciousness and a "soft" supportive field of photons), so she is Immune to it.

That seem fair to you?

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...........Well then, allow me to remove some of that. I beg your pardon, Mad Scientist, this is inexcusable.

Incidentally, DC20 Fortitude save vs. Stun. If successful and you want Cerulean to play along, roll Bluff, if not, she wakes up in a cell and then we assume there was busting-out followed by a chase scene that ended with being hurled out of the airship.

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Eileen is overcome by INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH LIGHT-RAYS, lapses out of consciousness and wakes up in a small but well-appointed and cozy cell. Comfy bed with clean sheets and a pillow that actually does what pillows are supposed to do, drinking-water dispenser with a sanitizer for its glasses, a small bathroom, a console allowing (restricted) access to the internet, a buzzer marked "Meal-Call", the works. Only noticeable flaws are a small gun turret (inactive) on the ceiling and out of reach, and a very solid metal door that conspicuously lacks any hinges or handles.

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Surveillance Crew DC20 Sense Motive check: 12.

Door's DC26 toughness save: 13. The door explodes into the hall in a shower of super-heated metal. GM post and then we'll get back to normal chronological order, unless you want to do more in the flashback Mad Scientist?

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I beg your pardon for the delay. Please roll Initiative.

DC19 Reflex saves for the pilot 8 DC19 Fortitude save 16. Until the pilot recovers, the dirigible is unable to bring its weapons to bear on Eileen, each additional successful use of the Dazzle gets her an extra two rounds of breathing room (unless the pilot is already Dazzled, they have to have clear eyes to be blinded again).

For the pilots of approaching Gyro-Gryphons(super-science ornithopters), their craft give them Immunity to Visual Dazzles. There are six of them, and they dive towards Cerulean, commencing an attack. Their Initiative rolls: 22, 21, 15, 11, 9, 8.

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So combat lineup looks like this:

G-Gryphon 1: Unharmed-GM
G-Gryphon 2: Unharmed-GM
Cerulean: Unharmed, 3HP
G-Gryphon 3: Unharmed-GM
G-Gryphon 4: Unharmed-GM
G-Gryphon 5: Unharmed-GM
G-Gryphon 6: Unharmed-GM

Round 1, Gryphons 1-2 dive and fire electric bolts at Cerulean (non-lethal damage). 15, 9 on their rolls, so only #1 manages to land a hit. DC23 Toughness save, please. After that's resolved I'll post in the in-character thread and it'll be your turn Mad Scientist.




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They are not! Thank you for alerting me to that, Mad Scientist, I had quite overlooked it in your post, which I see mentions it very plainly. Miss chance roll (high misses, low hits): 17. Never mind, the Gyro-Gryphon's lightning-charge merely passes harmlessly through one of Cerulean's photo-illusions.

Cerulean's action, please.

EDIT: On second thought, it would be absurd for Sky Lord to put planes in the air that can be defeated by such simple means as 'not being physically seen'. Let's say they do (with an Accurate Radius Radio sense), but it's taking time for them to adjust to such a small and maneuverable target as Cerulean, and comes into play on turn 3 or so. That sound fair to you?

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Since real-world radar can't lock onto a target as small and soft as a human being, it sounds reasonable that fictional-world tech based radar has at least a little trouble doing so.  Especially since you're being mean and polarizing their cockpits against visual dazzles. :P

Given that she's so outnumbered, she's going to have to play defensively, intelligently, and start using the terrain.

So, move action to fly and hover right beside one of the airship's engines, (but not, obviously, in the airstream either at intake or output, cape or no), or ideally land on a housing or some such, should it be feasible (not knowing the exact design of the engines, be they open propellers or with turbine housings and so forth) making attack runs by the GGs problematical both by the need to veer off, and to avoid hitting their own ship with their attacks.

Then, hold action and take a shot at the first of the GGs that comes within 500' of her with her Sniper Beam (Damage 11, Penetrating 5, Extended Range and Progression means 500' is within her first range increment, so no penalties to hit).

Sniper Beam Attack: 1d20+11 18


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That hits, DC26 Toughness save: 17. Failed by 9, the Gyro-Gryphon is Injured, the Pilot is Stunned and Bruised.

The last three make a Combined Attack with a Stun Attack (a kind of electric web): Leader (G-Gryphon #4) makes the initial Attack roll: 15, wow. The other two: 24, 27. The 27, as the highest, is the benchmark, and the 24 adds a +2 to the save, making it a DC20 Fortitude save vs. Stun.


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