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Ga'hai Crash Site
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Sunday, May 17th, 2015
7:22 PM

Drunk College students had decided to camp out for the weekend when the came across the wreckage of an alien ship.  It only took a few excited phone calls and the local media was airing the wrecked ship nonstop.  The Ministry of Powers had cordoned off the area once the excitement had died down.  They were going to send a team of scientists to examine it later.

 Foreshadow didn't feel like waiting for an undisclosed "later".  Making his way into the crash site, Foreshadow had to sneak around the guards.  Even if they were on the same side orders were to stay away.  He just didn't quite care.  When the video of the crash site made it to international waters, Naomi instantly recognized the wreckage of the ship from old notes her mother left behind.  It was Ga'hai in nature.  Borrowing an Archetech jet, Naomi made an impromptu visit to Archetech's UK branch under the guise of testing how the craft would hold up on international voyages.

Historically, woodlands have gotten a poor deal in Northern Ireland compared to the rest of Europe.  Woodland Clearance had all but removed most of the natural forests.  Well succinct to say that forrestry was a dead industry in Northern Ireland.  But, there were still enough parks and moorslands for the ship to have been hidden there for some untold amount of time.

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Naomi stored her borrowed aircraft at the hangars reserved for Archetech's UK branch in England, taking a chartered helicopter to Northern Ireland. Wasn't long before she was making her way to the crash site, still in her bright orange test flight coloration of her suit. She had the pilot get close as he could, without landing or drawing attention of the MoP with their no-fly zone. She tightened up the backpack of her flight pack. "Okay, I'm heading over there on my own. Thanks for the lift."

"T... That doesn't look like a parachute."

"It is. I'm a test pilot for Archetech, remember? Thanks!"

"B... but you're not even gonna wait until I land?"

"Nope!" Naomi smiled and slid out of the helicopter as the flight pack kicks in, a bright blue light from the repulsor system is seen by the pilot as she flies over and descends into the forest.

"Guess not..."

Naomi was shielded from prying eyes as she was now into the forest canope, her suit changes color and livery into the signature colors of Seahawk as she lands nearby the crash site.

"Okay... mom gave me these notes on what her ship looked like, although this didn't look like her starfighter she crashed... this should be interesting none the less." She said, closing the visor on her suit's helmet. "Maybe there's evidence of other survivors of her race here... she might like hearing about that."


Blue is Seahawk, Orange is Naomi. Naomi is careful to change how she talks in either identity.

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Foreshadow came up some distance away from the visored figure.  Having had to hike an hour into nature while remaining unseen was not his original plan of entrance.  But, he found it was the quietest way to come in.  She was currently out of his light of sight, so Foreshadow hadn't reacted to the skydiving entrance.  He knew  sound would travel well enough to make his next course of action if he wanted to remain out of the men posted to guard the crash site's view.  But, Foreshadow lightly tapped his escrima sticks together.  Judging the guard's reactions would judge how stealthy he need be.

Waiting a moment Foreshadow loosened up.  No one came out and there was no immediate sound of recognition.  Taking a few steps forward he was now out in the open.  Looks A bit old and rackety from out here.  I don't think whoever old this piece of junk was an invader.  But, can never be too sure.  Could be a Grue craft.

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Seahawk walked up to the wreck, kneeling next to the wreck. "Well, that's not what you see every day." She whispered, looking at the ship looking for any writing as she examined things, looking back and forth between the notebook she pulls out of a leg pocket on her suit, and the wreck, looking for any notable markings that matches her Mom's notes.

"Hopefully I'm the only one interested in this thing... what I do for my mom." She said, looking at the edges of the craft and assessing the size. "Sure beats standing watch on a ledge on a patrol in the Fens or something."

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  • 1 month later...


The ship was about the size of a small passenger plane.  Missing a wing with a badly scratched exterior that screamed a less than graceful landing.  Seahawk instantly noticed the lack of armaments on the craft.  Whatever type ship it was lacked any visible weaponry outright.  She also figured out the design's seemed to hide a forward cargo door.  Her mother's notes hinting at a dna scanning handprint lock.

No grass was growing in a five meter radius around the landing site.  Every so often a light from one of the guard's flashlights flashed by through the treeline.  But, the two heroes remained unseen as they each neared the plane.  At least from the guards, the treeline provided no concealment from one another.  And after a few seconds both Seahawk and Foreshadow were instantly aware of the other's presence.

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Seahawk looked at the person near her... another interested in the wreck. Seeing that the guards around the site weren't wearing any protective gear she wagered there wasn't anything dangerous as she opened the visor to her helmet. "Oi. Who goes, Mate?" She said with her cockney accent... something she always used when being Seahawk. "Thinkin' of raidin' this busted bird? Or just curious?"

She couldn't play her card yet on the fact she was half Ga'Hai... in fact she couldn't at all. Not unless she wanted to blow the cover that she was Naomi Baines.

She hid her notes in a pocket where her life preserver was. Didn't want to let that fall into someone else's hands.

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"Foreshadow.  I'm  not sure about raiding.  Depends on what's inside.  At the moment count me as a curious observer.  And yourself?  We're a little ways away from Essex or East London at that.  I'm guessing you're here for a raiding party then."  Foreshadow responded noting the accent's roots in his query.  The acrobat's body language was calm, relaxed even.

Even if he didn't have a precognitive warning system.  Someone that sought to start things off with conversation didn't exactly give off a threatening vibe.  At least not immediately.  Of course there was the active possibility said helmeted woman planned on scavenging the remains of the ship.  It was pretty questionable to sneak past the guards.  Not that Foreshadow was one to talk in that area.

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Seahawk sighed, pulling out a pair of goggles, putting them on after pulling her cowl back, all the while turning for a moment to keep Foreshadow from seeing her face. Her pointed ears were obvious. "Well actually it's important for my mom... to see what sort of ship this was. If it was a evacuation ship from her planet or what." She said, crossing her arms with the flight goggles on. "Sorry to have made ya nervous."

She smiled. "To be honest I'm tryin' to learn more about my mom's side of the genes. I'm... Half alien."

"Not that it's a bad thing, I've been hearin' her species were real nice people. Until the Communion showed up. Then they sorta blew themselves up tryin' to stop 'em. Last stands an' all that."

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Foreshadow scratched the back of his head.  Not expecting a connection to the Communion so soon after their invasion.  That was probably something he should annotate when he checks back in with the Vanguard.  "Well, I don't know the sort of aliens that flew this thing.  But, I can get blowing yourself up to try and take out the Communion.  Those guys were a hassle to clean up."

"And don't worry, nerves of steel."  Foreshadow smiled before stepping towards the ship placing a hand on the cold metal exterior.  The news traveled quickly.  Still, he hadn't expected anyone else to actually sneak in.  Let alone someone who could actually provide answers about what even happened in the crash site.  "I'm not sure how to get in, but what exactly are you expecting to find out about your mom's side of the family in here?"

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Seahawk looked around for an airlock entrance. "Well.. for all of the Ga'hai's immortality and power... they weren't as diverse in ability as Superhumans here at home are... probably why I've developed extra abilities compared to what my mom has." She said, finding an airlock. "Now, this is coded to Ga'hai DNA... I'm hopin' it'll ID me at least as a halfie, otherwise this expedition will be short lived..."

She looked around to make sure things were clear. "Then again I always feel like something bad's gonna happen anyways. No matter how careful I am."

"Might be the test pilot in me..." She catches herself, not wanting to give away further who she was...

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The biometric hand scanner came to life on contact with Seahawk's palm.  There was a warm sensation on her hand followed by a tingling.  Then a loud hiss as a release of air signaled the door opening.  The forward cargo door dropped to the ground at a forty five degree angle.  Allowing ramp access into the ship.

The immediate view inside was dark.  But, that was hardly a concern for either hero. Who could notice the stacks of metalic grates almost immediately.  The ship's power seemed either redirected or flat out turned off so.  There was the possibility that it was out of juice, but it did turn on to allow the pair access hinting otherwise.

There were three doorways from the cargo hold.  One led further into the craft.  Two side doors likely leading to mechanical subsections within the limited yet spacious insides of the ship.  A staircase led up to the cockpit area.

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"Well, I know the Cockpit more than anything... Although I wager the controls will be well out of my understanding. Not that this thing looks like she'll ever fly again."

She looks over the walls. "When my mom was helping here in the Incursion invasion, she was flying her space fighter. Ended up ejecting and her fighter re-entered a little after my powers turned on. I found her wandering the beach of a pond in Wharton, thinking about what she was gonna do next with her ejection pod sitting in the trees."

"Her craft went elsewhere and this totally doesn't look like her craft, so she said this was important as this could mean there were other Ga'Hai here."

"The... Ga'Hai come from a star that went Supernova in the Large Magellenic Cloud. The light from it hasn't reached Earth yet. All of their kind went to the system to come to the aid of the homeworld, but some ships were ordered to keep at their stations... There was a time long ago when the Ga'Hai were considered the paladins of the LMC... Knights of Justice and Honor... but the Ga'Hai fell in decline as the wars they fought took their toll. They weren't interested in building an empire and only populated unpopulated worlds, and their enemies were many... although it takes quite a lot to finally kill one of their kind, their enemies knew a bunch of those ways. Then when the Communion came... it was over."

"The Ga'Hai chose Extinction over Assimilation... Too few Ga'Hai and too many of those things."

She looked at the door to the Bridge/Cockpit area. Looking over to Foreshadow she smiled. "Ya know up to a few months ago I thought my mum was Dead? She masqueraded as a Human for a while when I was a kid... no one believed me when I said I saw she had long pointy ears under her hair."

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  • 1 month later...

Foreshadow listened to the young woman's story.  It sounded about par for the course, for what he had heard about the Communion.  They were horror personified.  In fact, if it wasn't for some unlikely help he wasn't entirely sure if he'd be alive.  The numbers were starting to overwhelm the group.  Death wouldn't have been unimaginable.  But, it all worked out in the end.  For them...Seahawk's people weren't so fortunate.

Following behind as they made their way towards the cockpit.  "You make enough friends who do the whole cape and mask thing, you find a lot of us have some pretty screwed up lives.  Don't even get me started what I found out about the grandfather I didn't even know I had."  It was true, the whole risking your life in a costume thing seemed to attract a certain sort of questionably adjusted to its ranks.

"Sorry about the whole mom pretending to be dead thing...what the hell is that?"  Foreshadow was referring to the green algae like plant covering the inside of the cockpit.  There was a hardened liquid that had at one point oozed forth from various bumpy protrusions.  The plant life gave off a foul stench and covered every piece of useable machinery.  Visible was a small black box that Naomi recognized as a recording device from her mother's notes.

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"Mom had a good reason... she was sorta... fighting a war with the things her people died to try to stop." She said, straightening out her hair a little. "To be honest I'm half-human, so my interests are here on good ol' Terra-Firma, you know?" She said, then she sees the box and the odd plant. "The plant? Unknown... the Ga'Hai don't use organic tech... well except for the synaptic-simulant computers they had... the CPUs aren't like circuit-boards but more like something similar to a brain... I'm no genius though." She said heading over to the black box. "Now this would have some answers." She said, rummaging through the pockets of her suit, looking for an interface plug her mom gave her that could be put into the box that could translate and transmit wirelessly to a tablet computer she had in a separate pocket.

"So... you fought with the Communion? Sucks I missed out. Would have liked to show them what for, and perhaps give them a shiver realizing there was a Ga'Hai still drawing breath in this universe... Half-blood or not. I wonder how many of us are actually left..."

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  • 4 weeks later...

"It was pretty sucky.  Like fighting zombies.  But, with less rotting and more shiny metal parts.  I'd call the genius I know up.  But, then I'd have to tell her I was sneaking around in a restricted area.  Actually Synapse probably wouldn't care about the restricted part."  Foreshadow replied with a smile.

Unless they were talking gymnastics Foreshadow didn't think he qualified as a genius under any scale.  There was a decided difference between raw talent and simply using a memory palace for storing information.  At least that's how he saw things.  Still he was smart enough to distinguish a plant from a brain shaped CPU.  The foliage's intergalactic origins did drive up a curiosity as to how it stayed alive.  But, that wasn't the only question pertaining to life aboard the vessel.

"Not to be macabre, but there's a decided lack of bodies here."

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"Well, Ga'hai are immortal as all heck. Gotta toss them into a Black Hole or bust apart their atoms or something just to kill one." Seahawk said. "Then there's me... because I'm half-human my DNA has human meta-genes as well. I'm... probably gonna see the heat-death of this universe. And the birth of the next. And meet it's residents."

She gulped at that realization. "Sucks to be me, right?"

She looked at the plants. "Think this ship was an Ark? Carrying flora and fauna to a potential new world?"

She scratched her head. "I don't think this was intentionally coming here... might have been in distress. Outside of the obvious crash damage, did anything seem... out of place? I mean I know we aren't space engineers but there's certain things that make sense in a design, external engine ports/arrays, maybe some aerodynamic steering for atmospheric travel... lack of escape pods but sockets for... wait a minute, escape pods!"

She starts to step out of the bridge. "Immortal or not the last place you want to be is a compromised starship. we should try to see if this ship has them!"

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The heat death of the universe wasn't likely to be followed by the birth of another in its place at any point in time. Unless she meant the birth of one elsewhere. The earth could explode way before then as part of a villainous plot though.  Perhaps a giant meteor, a supernova, a super volcano, or that giant planet eating face in the sky could do it.  Of course the end result of their fight with the Communion proves that this isn't some sort of end all immortality.  She could die well before then.

Erick kept his theories to himself.  Thinking it too grim of a train of conversation.  "Alright searching for escape pods it is.  Just let me grab the box you were looking at."  Foreshadow responded rather calmly.  Giving the plants another look over.  As if considering her ark theory.  It didn't sound unreasonable.

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